Greetings DuPage County NAACP members and friends:

Another school year is ending or has already ended.  With that, several members of our newsletter team are leaving us to begin their next journey in life.  We are so proud of their accomplishments and we wish them much success in their future endeavors.  Congratulations Alauren, William, Jayla, Asantuwaa and Daria! 

That being said, once again, our newsletter team has produced another stellar edition.  Take a look for yourself.  We are sure you will agree.

Make it a great day and stay safe.

Communications, Press and Publicity Committee

A. Margret Childress, Chairperson

Patrick Watson, Co-Chairperson

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If you are a new member of DuPage County NAACP and have not attended an orientation session, please register for an upcoming orientation HERE!


The Communications, Press & Publicity Committee along with all other committees welcomes you to join as a new member. If you have questions please contact the chairperson of your preferred committee. Their email can be found on the website HERE! 

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Committee Chair: Tyronne Johnson

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The Dupage County Health Committee will be hosting Good Health Matters Zumba events at Naperville's Nike Park Saturdays through June 11th, 2022. This opportunity includes blood screenings, health education, zumba classes, health speakers, and more

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From July 11th to July 22nd, The STEAM summer camp will be taking place at North Central College and Northwestern University. The registration fee is $700, and food and transportation will be provided. 

On March 31st, the DuPage County NAACP Education Committee co-hosted with the League of Women Voters, a discussion webinar interaction with activist Vivian Anderson, the founder of EveryBlackGirl, Inc. This webinar addressed interventions, and policy changes within schools, to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. 

Committee Chair: Kijuana Boulrece

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Committee Chair: Patrick Watson

Political Action: Past Events: 

Congresswoman Marie Newman represents the Illinois 3rd Congressional District, but due to redistricting she will be running for election in the Illinois 6th Congressional District. Congresswoman Newman is a member of the Progressive Caucus, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and the House Committee on Small Business. Congresswoman Marie Newman spoke at the Dupage County NAACP March General Meeting about voting rights, civil rights, the economy, and Ukraine.

Important Information:

Vote By Mail applications are available for the June 28th primary election. Click HERE to sign up.

Past events for April:

Congressman Sean Casten is the current Illinois 6th Congressional District Congressman, and he will be running for election. He spoke at the Dupage County NAACP General Branch Meeting on April 19th. 

Upcoming Events:

On May 6th the Dupage County NAACP and the IL Muslim Civic Coalition will be hosting the IL-06 Congressional District Candidate Forum from 6-8pm. Save the date!

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Committee Chair: Connie Schmit

Past Events:

The DuPage Clean Energy Coalition (DCEC) is getting back in gear with two objectives: to support the efforts of the Solar Tour by the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) in September with local mini-tours for different DuPage municipalities and to support CUB in their efforts to enroll people in a big group buy program that closes in September. This will increase solar installations and decrease the cost for the residents!

In West Chicago, where a second waste transfer station is being considered, there is concern about the impact of traffic in congested areas. RPG applied for and received a grant for a portable air monitor device that can be used to check these impacts! 

On May 25th the Glen Ellyn History Center showed the film “INHABITANTS” at 7:00 pm. The film focused on why we should go back to acknowledging the practices of indigenous people in order to heal the planet from the environmental destruction of humans. 

On June 22 at 7:00 pm, the DuPage County Fair Grounds CUB Group Buy presenter and installer will talk about the benefits of Solar Energy and the financial savings for residents. 


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    The Dupage County NAACP Youth Communications Committee hosted our second poetry contest in honor of National Poetry Month. In honor of Earth Day, National Mental Health Awareness Month, and National Women’s History Month the theme was social justice and/or the environment. Below we have this edition’s winning poem by Gianna Clarke. Congratulations, Gianna Clarke, and to everyone else who submitted amazing work! 

National Poetry Month Contest Winner

Written By Gianna Clark

I realized that this was his body

when I said no

and he laced my joint with submission

Telling me that I was his

I didn’t understand what I did wrong

I was wearing jeans

I realized that this was his body

when I told the doctor to remove my womb

because I couldn’t bare the weight of the moon

a tide smashing against rock

He refused

What if a husband I wasn’t promised to yet

wanted children?

I am forced to live under the weight of the moon

The tide smashing against rock

Always in his body, never mine

North Central College Celebrates Black Histoy Month

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NAACP General Counsel Janette McCarthy Wallace, who attended Judge Jackson’s confirmation, released the following statement:

The DuPage County NAACP is proud of your accomplishments!

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"Today, Black women truly are supreme. Over the past few weeks, it has been an incredible privilege to bear witness to the rise of the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice. The significance of this moment for the Black community, especially for Black women like me who have spent decades in the legal profession, is impossible to overstate. Representation is powerful – now, Black women and girls who dream of reaching the highest levels of our government, or any profession for that matter, can see that it is possible. While soon-to-be Justice Jackson's confirmation did not come without racist, misogynistic attacks on her career and character, it is without question that Ketanji Brown Jackson is imminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. Alongside the rest of our nation, I celebrate her confirmation and this stride toward achieving true equity and look forward to seeing her take the bench."

Click Here for the Full Article

Ramadan Celebrations

Written by: Daria Shafeek

Ramadan Kareem! The DuPage County NAACP would like to wish everybody a happy Ramadan. In the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims believe that the Quran (holy book) was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic Center of Naperville in Ogden


The month is observed by fasting every day of the crescent moon cycle. The day after Ramadan is Eid, a day of celebration and festivities for the community. Ramadan is also a month of insight and spiritual connection as one restricts oneself from having food and water from sunrise to sunset.

As a Muslim, my experience celebrating Ramadan has been a positive and integral aspect of my faith as I become spiritually closer to God and my community. When Muslims break their fast at sunset, Iftar is typically celebrated with friends and family and followed by a prayer in the congregation. Ramadan encourages strength in the community as Muslims learn to empathize and enlighten themselves in solidarity within our diverse community.

"Someone You Should Know"

A'Maiya Allen


A’Maiya Allen is a native of Bolingbrook, IL and graduating senior at Howard University obtaining a Bachelor's of Arts in Strategic, Legal and Management communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sports Administration. Outside of academics, she is passionate about mentorship, serving in her church and living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and veganism. As a ten-year pageant competitor she describes herself as a Girl Boss working to build an empire. Most recently, she captured the title of Miss Illinois Collegiate America 2021 and placed amongst the top 15 at the 2019 Miss Teen USA competition.

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Youth Communications Committee: Seniors Parting Words

Jayla Spears: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the Dupage County NAACP’s Newsletter Team. It allowed me to learn more about the inner workings of an organization and how to navigate it professionally. I also sharpened my writing, designing, and interviewing skills through the NAACP. I’m excited to move on to my next phase in life as a student at Boston University and take the skills I’ve developed with me.

Asantewaa Jones: The opportunity to write for the Dupage NAACP has been a transformative experience. I was able to hone my writing skills, learn more about the world around me, and explore my passions. I am incredibly grateful to all the people in the Dupage County NAACP, especially those on the Education committee. With the skills I have learned here, I am excited to be continuing my education at UIC as part of the guaranteed admission program to their medical school on a full scholarship.

Alauren Lane: I stumbled across the DuPage County NAACP after my high school counselor introduced me to Dr. Elizabeth Boone and the rest of the Communications Committee. I have long been passionate about media and information access, so learning about this program allowed me to combine my passion for social justice with media and journalism. The DuPage County NAACP has had a tremendous impact on my young adult life, and I will cherish the encounters and lessons I have learned from my involvement. In my next phase of life, I will be attending The Ohio State University in their Morrill Scholars program and Media Scholars Program.

William Sampah: In my time here as a part of the newsletter team, I have learned so much about professional publishing, public relations, organization, writing/editing, etc. As I make the transition to Howard University, I know these skills will come in handy. When I joined last year, everything was so uncertain and new. I could not have predicted that it would blossom into something so amazing. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful team with such a wise mentor, and I can't wait to see where this newsletter team goes next.

Daria Shafeek: It’s been a pleasure to grow and learn with the youth of our community as we produced this newsletter. While I am leaving for college, I hope to work with this wonderful team again and look forward to a future of growth and understanding as our generation creates a better world!

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