2022 Election Year

DuPage County NAACP members will vote for officers and at-large members in November 2022. You will receive an email and mailing soon with the details of the upcoming election. Please see the overview of the schedule below.

2022 Election Schedule


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Branch Election

DuPage County NAACP Community Health Workers continue to address the unmet needs of people in regions we serve who are in marginalized communities and who experience health disparities related to Covid-19. We provide Covid-19 educational health information and literacy. In addition, we actively engaged the community by hosting healthcare events to access healthcare screenings, vaccine clinics, and weekly Wellness in the Park fitness classes. Our weekly Wellness in the Park classes allowed participants to socialize while exercising, listen to health information presentations, engage in Covid-19 mitigation discussions, and receive a PPE swag bag (and a blood pressure monitor on an as-needed basis). We distributed PPE swag bags and spoke to participants at several Juneteenth events in Hanover Park, and Aurora (AAMU) among them. Social media exposure captured some of our most memorable community events regarding vaccine hesitancy, outreach and education, and good health matters. See DuPage County NAACP on YouTube. We proudly met our commitment to our clients and to IPHA by contacting clients within the first 24 hours of the client case assignment. Our team's priority was to help ease the navigation of care, resources for food, and rental and income assistance. Fulfilling client resource requests was a goal for our entire team. In addition, communication between local health departments and regional CBOs allowed us to support our clients across multiple counties better.

Tyronne Johnson, RDCS

DuPage County NAACP 

Health Committee Chair 

This past month, the S.T.E.A.M Scholars Summer Camp was held. The theme was “Farm to Table" with a focus on Food Sustainability, and understanding Agricultural, and Environmental Science.

The camp fostered curiosity, enhanced the knowledge and engaged critical thinking skills of students in the areas of computer coding, digital literacy, chess, art, science, math, foreign

language, literature, composition, college readiness, and STEM-oriented careers.

Data collected from pre and post-surveys, observations, and interviews have resulted in the camp receiving a “strongly recommended” evaluation each year.

The NAACP STEAM Scholars2 are a combined group of experiential education program students from DuPage, Kane, Kendall, suburban Cook, and Will counties, and the Center for Success Junior/Senior Scholars, predominantly from the west side of Chicago, Naperville, and Aurora, Illinois. The Northwestern CS summer camp program builds on a long-term partnership between Horn and the DuPage County NAACP STEAM Scholars Camp. 

Committee Chair: Kijuana Boulrece

If you are a new member of DuPage County NAACP and have not attended an orientation session, please register for an upcoming orientation HERE!


The Communications, Press & Publicity (CP&P) Committee along with all other committees welcomes you to join as a new member. If you have questions please contact the chairperson of your preferred committee. Their email can be found on the website HERE!   The CP&P Committee is also looking for someone to redesign our website.  If interested, please contact us at communications1.dpcnaacp@gmail.com.

Reported By Tim Jones

The DuPage Forest Preserve report from May 2022 has shown that they have been very busy working to implement their masterplan. This masterplan was presented to the board on May 24th and the public gave their input. Commissioner Al Murphy recommended moving the dog park from Blackwell to the West Branch of the DuPage River. Another commissioner added to this idea by suggesting a new park should be added while keeping the existing ones.

A Project at the Blackwell Forest Preserve includes a 260 KV (kilovolt) solar array (a collection of solar panels) with an EV charging station (a station that charges electric vehicles). This was all made possible through a bid being accepted for the Blackwell Fleet Management Photovoltaic project. In 8-15 years this investment will be paid off and the solar array will provide over 100% of the energy needed for the building.

There was also a contract for the Forest Preserve staff (also known as FP staff) that approved the current staffing levels, classification, and compensation of the FP staff. It was also noted that there are a number of empty positions with many upcoming retirements. If you are interested in joining, you can visit the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County website to volunteer, apply for a job, and to get involved with the FP staff.

Committee Chair: Connie Schmidt

ACT-SO National Competion

Five students, chaperones, and chairs traveled to Atlantic City, NJ on

July 13 – 17. The students competed in 7 categories at the national competition. The students were:

  • Raina Ford - Photography and Poetry - Written
  • Daniel Mason - Medicine and Health (Silver Medal)
  • Robert Morgan, III - Music Composition (Gold Medal)
  • Alena Morrissette – Engineering (Silver Medal)
  • Janah Richardson - Oratory (Gold Medal) and Original Essay (Gold Medal)

In addition to working hard to represent the DuPage County Branch, they were able to have a

little fun on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Student recruitment has begun for the upcoming competition year. Correspondence was sent to area schools regarding ACT-SO. Volunteers are still being recruited to attend school open houses to talk with students

and parents about ACT-SO.

Orientation dates (see flyer below):

Saturday August 27, 1 – 2 pm via Zoom

Saturday September 17, 1 -2 PM in person at Lewis University – Oak Brook immediately

preceding the 1st Enrichment session, which will be held from 2 – 5 PM.

Visit www.dupageact-so.org for more information.

Thomas Reed, Chairperson

Youth Council Goes to the 113th NAACP Convention 

By: Jackson Denius

Members of the Youth Council traveled to the NAACP Convention as Delegates and shared their experiences.

I have so many good memories with new friends and my family. This was my first Convention and my first time in New Jersey and it was an amazing experience. The people of the community were very caring and welcoming.

My favorite part about the convention was the Youth & College Meetings and parties. I especially liked the Wild n’ Out event where some of the Wild n out cast From MTV came and did some of their popular games with our audience. They also had a panel of celebrities from the show who discussed the importance of networking and always being prepared for opportunities.

 I loved the speakers and guests they brought to the convention including Kamala Harris, social media influencers, and more. It made me so excited when I saw people in person that I watch all the time on the internet, it just made it a thousand times more inspiring and enjoyable.

I liked being a Delegate at the convention. My vote counted for several resolutions. I really tried to learn more about the Resolution on the Period Tax (NAACP Calls for the Abolition of the Tax on Feminine Hygiene Products).This was my first NAACP convention, but I am already excited about planning for the next one.

Zoey Bishop

The NAACP conference was fun. I feel like the events they had were good. My favorite events were the youth workshops. In my opinion the best one was the #BlackStudentMovement. It was very insightful on how to organize protests and the activities we participated in kept me entertained. The delegate voting was pretty cool too. I liked how as a teenager my vote could be heard in something as big as the NAACP.

My favorite speaker was the NAACP chairman. I liked how he spoke and he was funny. My overall thoughts on the convention were positive and I would go again.

Hunter Brown - 2nd Vice President

Social Justice Change Maker:

Osie B. Davenport

A longtime member of NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha and President of Naperville Community Unit School District 203 Board will be moving to the State of Texas. The accomplishments achieved by Osie B. Davenport are many. Her ability to place the needs of students, parents, employees, and taxpayers in

the forefront of issues over the years included changing school boundaries to retiring Naperville Central’s Redskins mascot.

Issues surrounding diversity and social justice became her passion and she demonstrated the importance of supporting this cause by her work of many years with DuPage County NAACP as a member of the Education Committee. Her work included a commitment to promoting voter registration, and all

causes which aided in the understanding and implementation to create a more diverse staff in Naperville schools. Osie B. Davenport states, “The more we understand different cultures, different backgrounds, and different opportunities, the better.”

Thank you, Osie B. Davenport, for your service DuPage County NAACP appreciates YOU!!

A Father's Day Brunch Buffet

By Blake Cooper

Bailey’s Catering LLC presented its 2nd Father’s Day event on June 19th from 11:30 am –2:00 pm at 201 Canterbury Ln, Bolingbrook, IL. There were approximately 200 men, family, and friends of Bailey’s Catering in attendance. Robert Bailey and Germika Bailey are proud Lifetime Members of the NAACP. Everyone in attendance gathered for a wonderful afternoon brunch to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the men in their lives. This year’s theme was “Classic Men & Classic Cars” and the entertainment included live jazz, an open bar, a cigar bar, Kris Perry the winemaker, and special guest vendors.

A membership table was on hand for attendees to learn and join the NAACP and Acting President, Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Boone and Ms. Keri King shared the benefits of an NAACP membership with the attendees.

Also Rev. Conitras M. Houston Dickens, Senior Pastor of DuPage AME Church in Lisle IL was in attendance and will be transferring the membership of DuPage AME Church due to changes in leadership. 

2022 Sydney Finley Memorial Scholarship Winners!

Submitted by: Debra D. Jordan, Youth Works Committee; Sydney Finley Scholarship Chairperson

The Sydney Finley Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Sydney Finley Jr.’s service and commitment to civil justice, as well as his dedication to our youth and community. Due to the pandemic, the DuPage County Branch was not able to host a scholarship program since 2019. We are very happy to resume our efforts to provide financial assistance to high school students, as they begin the next leg in their journey to achieve their academic goals. In the past two years we have been confronted with several challenges, including Covid-19, a political attack on the democracy of the United States, continued police brutality, multiple school

shootings, and a possible recession. These issues have led to an increased awareness of mental health concerns, especially amongst our youth. As our youth prepare for college, the scholarship committee felt it was important to understand the need for self-care. The essay prompt was: “Discuss the importance of mental health and self-care among the youth in our country, and how it will affect your future”. The submissions were outstanding! Peter Dioro, one of the candidates, provided a list of steps that he will be taking to ensure his mental and physical health remain a focus in order to accomplish his academic goals:

• Practicing your faith to keep centered and focused.

• Seeking out on-campus counseling services.

• Relying on academic support from faculty members and other students when needed.

• Remaining physically active.

• Expecting your social networks will consist of like-minded people.

• Always being aware of your surroundings.

• Being honest with your parents regarding stress factors when they occur.

• Always trying to have fun while learning.

Here are the 2022 Syd Finley Scholarship Winners!!!

Morgan Mayo                                             Gary Shettlesworth   

Kendall Winston

Peter Dioro

Young Voices:Roe v. Wade

NAACP abortion ruling will disproportionately impact Black women


Taylnn Heard and Zoe Dikibo

On June 22nd, the Supreme Court overturned the case Roe v. Wade. The case was first passed on January 22nd, 1973. The Supreme Court began reviewing the case again and after 14 months, the case was overturned. The NAACP organization called the conservative majority court’s 6-3 decision overturning Roe v. Wade an “egregious assault on basic human rights.” 

The NAACP is urging voters to hit the polls in November following the court’s ruling. The organization has partnered with Vote.org to register and mobilize voters ahead of the midterms.

by: Cheyanne M. Daniels, The Hill via Nexstar Media Wire

Posted: Jun 24, 2022 / 12:07 PM EDT

Updated: Jun 24, 2022 / 01:25 PM EDT

NAACP Supported the Juneteenth Freedom Day

By Tim Jones

On June 19th, the Naperville Neighbors United (NNU) held the Juneteenth Freedom Day event at Rotary Hill. NAACP Membership was present to inform and promote memberships. NNU is known as a group that was founded on the principle of building an inclusive community that celebrates its diversity. At this Juneteenth event, everyone was welcome, and Congressman Foster and Congresswoman Underwood attended the event. 

The Juneteenth Freedom Day included an art exhibit by a Naperville teacher and artist Brittany Schloderback. Also, another Art of Inclusion artist shared her shaving cream art with all of the families that came out.

Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton and Dr. Geneace Williams, the Diversity Director of the City of Naperville spoke to the community. Dr. Geneace Willams spoke about her wishes for people to respect and honor Black Culture. She also stated that It is the responsibility of ALL citizens of these United States to learn and understand the struggles and sacrifices that were made to create the grounds on which we walk daily and not take it for granted.

Young Voices: Gun Violence Over The 4th of July

By: Jackson Denius

During a 4th of July parade in Highland Park IL, it is suspected that Robert E. Crimo III, a member of the Highland Park community opened fire on parade participants and nearby civilians watching the parade. Highland Park authorities believe he climbed onto the roof of a nearby business before the parade, and opened fire just as it started.


Crimo faces multiple counts of first-degree murder for killing seven people and wounding many more. It is said the M&P15 semi-automatic rifle he used to carry out the shooting was obtained legally. He was taken into custody shortly after the police established him as a “person of interest.” There is no established motive behind his actions.

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