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Please note: Attachments are submitted by clicking the "Add Attachment" button at the end of the form

All families living in Dublin with students attending DUSD must complete the Residency Verification process between July 16 and August 3. If your student is on an approved Inter District Transfer request, you do not need to complete this residency verification process . Schedules and class assignments may not be obtained without this information being completed.

One form per family is all that is required.
  • Parent/guardian will complete address verification prior to receiving a schedule and school starting - this will be required for ALL families in DUSD who are returning for the 18/19 school year   ***Please note, if you have registered at the district office between June 18 and July 13, you do not need to do this process. Your residency has already been verified and marked in the system.
  • Please gather two of the following supporting documents for residency verification: (Click here for printable document )
    • Current and complete PG&E bill
    • Current and complete cable/internet bill
    • Current and complete water bill
    • Current and complete AVI bill
    • Current social services documents (food stamps, TANF, Medicaid, Social Security payment)
    • Current lease agreement, rental agreement showing current time period on lease (no past dates as end of lease)  or rental receipt showing address on receipt.
  • Parents will still be required to complete the IC Annual Data Verification Process online (the link will show up in your parent portal on July 16)
  • Please do NOT email the forms to Judi Fall without attaching a copy of the completed form. It is preferable that everything be submitted online, but if absolutely necessary, the forms can all be emailed.
The easiest way to complete this process is to submit everything online, including the including attachments of bills. Attachments can be either a PDF or a picture of the bill, attached through a computer or a phone. The entire bill will need to be submitted no matter what form of attachment you provide.

If you cannot attach the documents online, they can also be submitted via email at  falljudi@dublinusd.org . In the subject line, please put your students name.

Documents may also be dropped off to the office (there will be a basket on the front desk to drop info off into. If doing this method, please print a copy of the residency verification form and attach to the copies of bills so we can easily identify student.

**Please note: bills dropped off without the residency form attached will not be processed and your student may not be able to access schedule information at fall check in

Parents submitting everything online will be notified within 48 hours after complete verification forms are submitted whether the forms are approved or more information is needed.  

Confirmations will be sent via email through the original form you submit  and will not be given over the phone.

Parents bringing documents to the district office will be notified within 72 hours. If additional information is needed, the status update may take longer.

Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees Tonight
REMINDER: There is a special meeting of the Board of Trustees tonight at the District Office Board Room at 7471 Larkdale Ave. Open Session will begin at 6:30. More information on the agenda can be found at  http://bit.ly/DUSD-Board
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