After a series of ten(10) public workshop sessions, resident input and Village Council deliberation, the Downtown Palmetto Bay Code (Code) was adopted by the Palmetto Bay Village Council on July 28, 2020. The adoption of this Code begins a new chapter in development of Downtown Palmetto Bay.

  • The Code provides regulations for development within the Village of Palmetto Bay’s Downtown District. It adopts new maximum heights within each district, new residential densities within each district and new parking requirements. These new regulations were adopted as part of the implementation for the Village's vision.

  • The Code promotes a synergy between living and working environment in Palmetto Bay that will feature walkable and bikeable streets, compact mixed-use buildings, and convenient access to many services for the residents and visitors. The Code provides for an appropriate architectural scale through development standards focusing on varied building forms that respond to the individual sectors within the Downtown District.

  • The Code focuses on promoting and enhancing commercial and civic street activity through sufficient ground-level commercial uses; and promotes and enhances the architectural character of the Downtown District through high-quality Village design, architectural features and street connectivity.

The adoption of this Code will facilitate Village-scale community development in Downtown Palmetto Bay.
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