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What Mountains Will Your Family Climb in 2016?      
Last month we met with a family who has a very successful business. But, as is all too common, the relationship & communication between the three partners, who are also siblings, has been suffering for decades. One sibling attended one of our Forums last year and knew that the time had come to seek outside guidance. So, they took a courageous step and joined our Center. When they came in for their Family Business Consult (which every family has access to as part of membership), they  lamented with some hope but also deep sadness as they thought of all the pain their family has gone
Sally Derstine
 Managing Partner
through, "I wish we would have known about your Center 20 years ago!"
And THAT, my friends, is why I am so passionate about our Learning Community here at DVFBC.  A key learning for me is ...

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March 16th Dinner FORUM
Radnor Valley Country Club, Villanova

Featuring A. Duie Pyle!
Come hear third generation Chair/CEO, Peter Latta, and Hans Latta, G4 Leader, share their innovative practices and policies, including preparing the next generation for stewardship responsibilities.

J. Q. Dickinson Salt-Works is a modern revival, a true example of family business innovation. After generations of innovation in banking, real estate, and other enterprises, G7 brother and sister team Nancy and Lewis are reviving the salt-making tradition on the very same land where it all began.

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American Reading Company
 offers a
systematic approach to foster independent reading, King of Prussia

Center City Film and Video,
award-winning full service film
and video production,

Nolan Summit Services, helping small business owners regain control of their business and life
, Havertown 

Zook Molasses Company, serving the agricultural industry with liquid and dried feeding cane molasses, 
Honey Brook

OUR MISSION:  Flourishing Families & Enterprises 

Since 1988, it's been our privilege to guide multi-generation business families through their complex, unique journeys. We have served over 600 business families across the nation, and our customized, intergenerational, team-building process provides the direction, confidence and tools to overcome the dangers, beat the odds, and reach the summit for each family member & their enterprises!  
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