Our COVID-19 Precautions
Hopefully this email finds everyone safe and healthy, and you are doing everything you can to remain that way! We want to bring everyone up to date with regard to some changes to our daily operations. Please know we are doing everything we can to maintain the quality of care for the dogs and sustain the organization as we move forward. 

First, we have cancelled all volunteer activity for the foreseeable future and will re-evaluate on a weekly basis. Additionally, the administrative staff has split into two teams and is working alternating shifts onsite, with those not onsite working from home. Finally, we have placed all adoptions and intakes on hold, with intakes on an emergency-only basis. 
We have received an influx of applications, and our processing time is currently four to six weeks. While adoptions are on hold, our Adoption Manager, Zack and the Adoption Team will continue to review and contact approved applicants to arrange for appointments once it is safe to do so. Please understand that we are looking out for your safety as well as that of our staff. If staff became ill, it would seriously affect our ability to care for the dogs in the program, and they have nothing to do with this. They just need us healthy and here to take care of them.
Please abide by the guidelines, stay safe and healthy, and remember we are forever grateful for your continued support that we need now more than ever.

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Important Change to the 2020 Golden Gala
The 2020 Golden Rockin' Rescue Gala on April 18th at RiverCrest Golf Club and Preserve is now cancelled with a new fundraiser event planned at DVGRR's Golden Gateway at a later date.
The 2020 Golden Rockin’ Rescue Gala scheduled for April 18, 2020 has been cancelled. After many discussions with our staff and Board of Directors, the decision to cancel our 2020 Gala event was a difficult one for us as an organization. Although COVID-19 is not physically affecting the dogs in our care as they are unaware of this human dilemma, out of respect for human health and safety, we feel it is the correct decision.
While the loss of substantial income from our Gala event will be a severe blow to our carefully managed budget, be assured that we will continue to provide top notch care every day for the dogs’ medical and social needs. We will be reimbursing those of you who have already purchased Gala tickets. If you prefer to transfer your ticket purchase to a donation, please reach out to karen@dvgrr.org and she will send you a donation receipt.
In lieu of our April Gala event, we're excited to announce Rockin’ Rescue II, an onsite event being held at DVGRR scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. It won’t be as formal as our typical Galas held at RiverCrest, but it will be a fun night to get together, watch our Gala video, wear your event-themed T-shirts, and enjoy food, music, and a silent auction to raise needed funds to support DVGRR. We’re waiting to hear from scheduled speaker, David Rosenfelt regarding his availability on Sept. 26 th . (We’ll certainly be updating information in future email blasts.)
To give our DVGRR family a taste of Rockin’ Rescue II (and after speaking with the generous donors of certain items), we will be auctioning the time-sensitive Gala auction items with expiration dates or event dates as well as items that can easily be shipped. This online auction event will begin in the next few weeks. We will highlight a few auction items each week during our email blasts and then the actual auction will take place on our DVGRR Facebook page. Stay tuned for additional online auction information and details.
As of now, we had 105 dogs arrive at Golden Gateway since January 1 st . Many dogs arrived from very poor breeding facilities and are in need of medical care in addition to the standard spay/neuter surgeries. We thoughtfully stagger our events throughout the year to provide a steady stream of cash flow to DVGRR with needed funds, so please mark your calendars now to join us on September 26, 2020.
These are trying times for everyone, and like you, we are hoping for better days ahead.

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For those who pre-ordered the commemorative Gala t-shirts and chose to have them shipped, the shirts will be shipped as soon as we receive them. The local shirt company is closed at this time due to the virus..

Monthly Open House
We are cancelling the Monthly Open House scheduled for April 11 th. Zack and our Adoption Team continue to work matching dogs and families. At that point (on 4/11/20), if it is safe to have guests onsite, we will invite those approved adopters we’ve matched to dogs to visit Golden Gateway and meet the dogs in person and will have all staff available for these adoption appointments. We will continue to keep you posted and look forward to hosting our Monthly Open House again as normal in May.
In the meantime, please visit the dogs on our Available Dogs page, and click here to sponsor one of them. A Golden thanks to our current dog sponsors!
Not-So-New Bark on the Block
Are you looking for a calm senior that needs some extra tender loving care? Bobo is an 11-year-old Golden for which we are looking for either a foster or adoptive home. He has two ACL tears in his rear legs that were never surgically repaired. Bobo is also severely overweight, but he has lost weight since he arrived with us now that we have him on a strict diet.

We did perform X-rays, and there were no bone tumors but there is arthritis. He is on a few different medications to help with the pain and nerves. Bobo needs assistance to stand up. Once he is standing, he can walk around slowly. He is completely housebroken.
He LOVES toys, especially tennis balls, and LOVES people. Because of his arthritis and pain issues, he should not live with children under the age of 13. He also is somewhat protective over his toys with other dogs, so he is a careful match with other dogs. Bobo can do one or two steps with assistance but no more than that. He also needs to have rugs to walk on to help him feel secure that he will not slip and fall.

Bobo is a sweet boy with a great personality! He is affectionate and loving to his humans. Besides the standing assistance he needs, he is an easy dog to care for. Please, if you are able to help him, we would love to get him into a home! We aren't currently conducting adoption appointments, but Zack and the Adoption Team would loved to have an approved adopter ready to meet Bobo in person once the visit restrictions are lifted.
Not every dog that is available for adoption will be featured on our website. Sometimes, we can match dogs to prospective adopters very quickly, so you won't see those dogs on the site. If you are interested in adopting a dog, be sure to visit the Adoption section of our website and complete an Adoption Application to be considered.

Please consider a donation to help offset veterinary costs, since almost every single new dog arrives with some medical needs and expense. Click here to donate to the Cody Medical Fund.
New WoofTrax Challenge
Although you might not be going to work or anywhere else other than the grocery store or pharmacy, you can still get out and take your dog for a walk, adhering to social distancing, of course. And there's no better time to use the WoofTrax "Walk for a Dog" app!
With the current "Spot on Walking" Challenge, your walk could earn prizes for DVGRR in addition to the normal donations generated by the app . Click here to download the app (available for both iPhone and Android) and get the details of this latest WoofTrax challenge. Get out and walk! Good for you, your dog, and DVGRR.
Canine Health: Toxic Toads

With spring now upon us and as you are out walking with your dog, be aware of toads, especially when you are walking in the woods.

Excreting toxins is the toad's defense against predators, and all toads produce toxins; however, their potency depends on the species and may also change with geographic locations within the same species. The toxins may include bufagenins (which have digitalis-like effects) and bufotoxins (which create reactions similar to anesthetics, catecholamines, and serotonin). Certain exposures can quickly be fatal.

Severity of the dog's reaction depends on many factors including toad species, extent of exposure, and length of time since exposure occurred. Reactions may include frothing at the mouth, head shaking, pawing at the mouth, and vomiting. More life-threatening exposures typically include convulsions and seizures. The most dangerous toads (the marine toad and the Colorado River or Sonoran desert toad) are most commonly found in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii, and Florida.

There is no specific antidote, and the most effective treatment is to flush the mouth with plenty of water to reduce absorption. Keep the dog's head down while flushing to avoid inadvertent swallowing. Then contact your vet.

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth so much more than the treatment in this case. Be aware and avoid allowing your dog to run off lead in wooded areas.
Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue