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 DVLC Board Meeting
Thursday, November 14, 10am
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Classroom 3
4000 Clayton Rd, Concord
Fall Workshop Follow-up
Saturday, November 23, 9am
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Classroom 3
4000 Clayton Rd, Concord

HOLIDAY LUNCHEON for Tutor/students/families
Saturday, December 7, noon-2pm
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Fellowship Hall 
4000 Clayton Rd, Concord
DVLC Board Meeting
Thursday, December 12, 10am
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Classroom 3
4000 Clayton Rd, Concord  
DVLC Board Meeting
Thursday, January 9, 10 am
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Classroom 3
4000 Clayton Rd, Concord
Annual Membership Meeting 
Thursday, January 11, 10am
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Classroom 3
4000 Clayton Rd, Concord
Report Hours for July through September, 2019
Don't forget to report your hours for the third quarter: Tutoring hours and Non-tutoring hours (time spent for preparation, travel to student and workshop).
You can email or use the link that was emailed previously.
Remember to Pay Your Membership Dues
If you haven't already done so, please remember to pay your 2019 membership dues. It's a great way to show your support for DVLC, and we use the dues to pay for items needed to support our tutoring program. 
Please send check for $15 to DVLC, 4000 Clayton Rd., Concord, CA 94521.
Thank you for your donation! 

December 7  

Holiday Luncheon

Tutors, Students and Families!  
Bring kids to see Santa and receive gifts.
Invitations to be mailed soon. Look for them in your mailbox.

Saturday, January 11  

Annual Membership Meeting

Join us! 

DVLC Directory
Voicemail: 925-685-3881

President and Web Master
Lucy Goodell 
Vice-President and Hours Coordinator 
Rachel Sanborn 
Mary Thomas 
Treasurer and Telephone Committee

Board of Directors: 
Hospitality and Volunteers
Ela Newacheck

Loretta Morrison
Mary Nash
Special Projects
Denise Coyne     
Student/Tutor Coordinator
Workshop Registrar
Wendy Bojin-Liston
Workshop Training Coordinator
Kris Torske
Ed Chambers
Newsletter Editor
Kathy Anderson 
Fall 2019
Vol. 33  No. 3   
I am fresh back from the ProLiteracy Conference in San Diego and hope I can infuse some of that freshness into the operations of our own literacy council. Many workshops at the conference focused on how we can make the most of technology to enhance the work we do with each student.
DVLC tutors should be aware of a web-site called USA Learns ( This is a free website for educators to help adults learn English. As a teacher you may create an account at Among the resources is a curriculum document that essentially gives you lesson plans for two levels: Beginning and Intermediate. Also there is an assessment quiz that your student may take online to determine which level they belong in. The students may create their own account at Then they may log in on any computer and choose exercises in speaking, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing. Of interest to some is the U.S. Citizenship course.
Take some time to explore to see if there are some lessons relative to what you and your student are focusing on. Blended learning lets you work face-to-face with your student and also work remotely using a variety of electronic aids.  
DVLC once again obtained a free license (good until 12/31/19) to pilot a mobile app called Learning Upgrade. This app is good for beginning learners, even if they need to start with the alphabet. It works on iPhone, Android, tablets, or computers. Kathy Anderson, who also went to the conference, would like to schedule a drop-in session soon to help ESL learners (and/or tutors!) download and use Learning Upgrade if they are interested. We may invite individuals who are on the wait list for Lit and Beginning Low classes at the Mt. Diablo Adult School. Any DVLC tutors and their students will be welcome. More announcements to come. Contact Kathy ( or 530-206-6055) if you know a student who would like to pilot this program with us now. We already have a few excited students beginning to participate.
Lucy Goodell
Do you know somebody who could serve as a Treasurer for our organization?
Basic bookkeeping skills required. The time commitment is less than 10 hours a month (maybe 8-9 hours a month average), including attending the monthly Board meeting.

  • Have charge of all funds and securities of the Council (one bank account and some CD's)
  • Know Quicken and Excel
  • Disburse funds as directed by the Board (monthly phone bill, occasional reimbursements)
  • Prepare financial statements that are needed for required reports (monthly)
  • Keep and maintain accounts of the organization's properties and business transactions
  • Receive/deposit annual dues received from members (about 70-90 at beginning of year)
  • Maintain records of paid members
Other open positions: (training and documentation available)
Student/Tutor Coordinator assigns students from waiting list to new tutors and to tutors who are ready for a new student. Time commitment averages a couple of hours per month, except for the critical time in February or March between the two workshop sessions and again a week in the fall between workshop sessions. That is when matching is done for new tutors joining us.
Telephone Committee Coordinator responsible for setting the schedule every quarter and to e-mail it the members of the committee (currently only two), take questions from committee members, and report to Board as requested.  With three committee members including the coordinator, each member has a 1/2 month shift to pick up the calls remotely from voicemail and respond to them. Then they have one month off before taking a turn again. Time commitment minimal.
Workshop Registrar. Primary responsibility is to communicate information to people enrolling in our workshop and track who will be attending. Time commitment 5 hours per month average including attending Board meeting. Busiest times twice a year prior to our workshops.
Workshop Trainer at our workshops twice a year to present 6 or 7 units of the workshop. Holly Sprague has extensive notes of what she has presented in workshops.
Board Member participates in monthly board meetings lasting 60-90 minutes on the second Thursday at 10:00 am. Time commitment 2 hours a month.

October Tutor Training Workshop
We welcomed a wonderful group of volunteers in our October workshop. Here are all the participants in the 2-day orientation, including the organizers:
Hail to new tutors: Carol, Elliot, Trudy, Joanne, Kay, Pamela, and Marcia.
Thank you to Mary Yonekawa for her crisp photography.
Remember to save the date for our follow-up meeting on November 23 at 9:00 am. 
In addition to sharing your experiences there will be a chance to see a demo of the mobile app Learning Upgrade in case you would like it for your student.
Student Successes!  
Yolanda Kapoor is happy to say that her student is now translating for other residents of her building.
 Kim Leonard's student reports that when people talk to her in stores, she now understands and can respond to their questions more easily. Also, when she watches an English TV program, she can follow it more easily.
Linda Murphy's student has moved to Level 3 and is very motivated to improve her English.
Joellen Ademski's student passed her citizenship test and was sworn in as an American citizen in September!
Please Return Unused Books to the DVLC Library
Please return DVLC books that you are no longer using so that we can keep our library stocked and avoid the need to purchase more books. The Laubach, Side by Si de and Azar books are in demand!     
Books may be returned to the DVLC self-service l ib r ary during the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church office hours from 9:00 am to 4:00 p m, Monday thru Friday. Alternatively, y o u can email our librarian, Mary Na sh, at mpnash and make arrangements to drop the books at her home in W aln u t Creek. 
Thank you again for returning your borrowed books when you are no longer using them.  
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