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Summer 2020
Vol. 34  No. 3      
In my President's Letter for last fall I mentioned that at the ProLiteracy conference, which two of us attended, the emphasis was on how to maximize the use of technology in helping our adult learners. Little did we know at the time how heavily we would need to depend on technology six months later!
Your Board has continued to meet monthly via video conferencing and make decisions on how to adapt to current social constraints and to develop Diablo Valley Literacy Council for the future. This turns out to be a good opportunity to turn our attention to building a better financial foundation for DVLC and also to focus on how we can make fuller use of technology.
We communicated with eac h of our tutors to find out whether they had found ways to continue working with their students. About a third of our tutors are successfully using video conferencing. I myself only joined the conferencing ranks recently and I find I enjoy meeting via Zoom with my student. He now lives in San Pablo, so the logistics of meeting are easier with conferencing. I love being able to share a worksheet on screen and edit it as we discuss it.
Of course, video conferencing is not feasible for students (or tutors) if they lack technical expertise or don't have equipment to facilitate smooth conferencing. Some tutors are finding a place to meet outdoors with their student, keeping social distance as they work together. We admire all of you who have found work-arounds in order to maintain the tutor-tutee relationship. In the future we hope to be able to present short virtual workshops with new ideas to help tutors adjust.
How or whether we will conduct training for new tutors in the fall is up in the air. We will be looking into how we might use online training if that becomes necessary.
We would love to hear from you with any ideas you have and be sure to participate in our upcoming "Summer (virtual) Get-Together" on August 1 for more inspiration.
With on-going gratitude to all who support Diablo Valley Literacy Council's mission to assist adults in the Diablo Valley area who need to improve their English as a second language.
Lucy Goodell
In Remembrance....
Diablo Valley Literacy Council was saddened by the loss of two wonderful women who contributed greatly to our efforts during their active years with our organization. Doris Miller and Elenor Mulkey passed on during April of this year.
We fondly remember our honored Lifetime Member, Elenor Mulkey. Elenor joined as a tutor and member in 1991. Through her years with us, she wore many hats always with a smile and good humor. As a member of the Board she was the Secretary and helped with the newsletter in both publishing and mailing (yes, snail mail). She helped organize tutor events and volunteered for any job as needed for tutor trainings. She was a long-time mentor to both tutors and Board members. At a time when email and texting were not common, she would personally call tutors as their mentor or for DVLC business.
We are very grateful for the time, energy and ideas Elenor contributed to DVLC for so many years.
Doris  Miller started tutoring English as a Second Language for Diablo Valley Literacy Council in 1995. For the next 10 years she devoted herself to the organization as both tutor and librarian. In 2006 DVLC honored her as a lifetime member in appreciation for all that she had done on behalf of immigrants seeking to improve their English.
As mentioned in her eulogy, "Doris was a strong bright light that shined for many, many people." Her friends and family were invited in the eulogy to honor her by donating to Diablo Valley Literacy Council in her memory. We have received generous donations from a number of her friends who knew what a remarkable woman she was.

Our First Fundraiser Was A Success! 
Terese McGregor, DVLC Director of Development
On Friday, June 12, we held our first community fundraiser at Mt. Mike's Pizza for take-out or delivery. By each of us advertising it via email and social media, we received some surprise donations in addition to the 29 food orders that were placed! Thank you to all of those who spread the word, and ordered too. It takes a village! Here is the breakdown of the results:
$268.92-total from 29 orders at Mt. Mike's  
$465.00-total outside donors
$733.92- Grand Total of the fundraiser! 
Have you paid your 2020 DVLC membership dues?
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Contributions beyond $15 are always appreciated and are tax-deductible donations. 
DVLC depends on membership dues and donations to help defray the cost of providing services to our students and support for our tutors and volunteers.  
Our thanks to all who contribute hours of tutoring and service.   
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