Diablo Valley Literacy Council Newsletter
Volunteers tutoring English as a second language (ESL) to non English speaking adults
Summer 2021 | Vol. 35 No. 3
Ed Chambers awarded Lifetime Membership
DVLC awards Lifetime Membership to volunteers who have served for 10 years or more, making significant contributions, and who are no longer active in the organization. Ed Chambers has served as tutor, trainer, Treasurer, and indispensable Board Member in the years since he joined Diablo Valley Literacy Council in 1991.
When Ed bowed out from the Board and from actively volunteering last year, there was no question that he was deserving of the Lifetime Membership award. Kris Torske, Lucy Goodell, and Mary Nash took Ed to lunch in May so they could present his certificate to him along with our most sincere thanks for his 30 years of support!

We are happy that we will be able to resume in-person tutor training for our fall session this year! The training dates for new tutors will be Saturday, October 2 and Saturday October 9 at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Clayton Road in Concord.
There is currently a committee of four people who are looking into how to use tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms to attract more tutors and adult ESL students. We have the personnel to make it happen, we just need somebody to take the lead!
Lucy Goodell is expecting to resign as Co-President of the Board next January. Rachel Sanborn has indicated willingness to continue as a Co-President if we can find another candidate to share the responsibilities with her. We want YOU!!
This conference is a very energizing experience for any ESL tutor. Do you want to go?
Can you make your decision before August 13 to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration of $390, which DVLC will reimburse? (Registration is $465 after August 13) We will also reimburse $1600+ of your additional travel expenses.
The DVLC library at Good Shepherd Church in Concord has reopened!! YAY! Tutors now have access to the various print resources we have available: Side by Side, Laubach, Azar’s grammar, Picture Dictionaries, citizenship resources, etc.
As before, to access the library you must check out the keys for Room 3 from the office (and check them back in when you’re done!) For the time being, hours will be 2:30-5:30 weekdays only. Call ahead to 682-8410 to be sure Laura Mott, the Office Manager, is there. The library is self-serve. Your library card is located in the hanging file inside the first cupboard door, filed alphabetically by last name. Our librarian, Mary Nash, has included cards for our most recently trained tutors.
Page 2.3 of our tutor binder describes library procedures for borrowing books, returning books, purchasing books, and notifying the Student/Tutor Coordinator if you stop tutoring.
There is no due date on borrowed items, but of course we want the books to be returned whenever you are through using them. Please contact Mary Nash by phone or email with library related questions. (See page 1.2 of the tutor binder.)

Report Hours for
April-June, 2021

Don't forget to report your hours for the 2nd quarter: Tutoring hours and Non-tutoring hours (time spent for preparation, travel to student and workshop).

You can email dvlc4esl@gmail.com or use the link that was emailed previously.
2021 Renewal Dues
If you haven't already done so, remember to pay your 2021 membership dues. It's a great way to show your support for DVLC, and we use the dues to pay for items needed to support our tutoring program.

Please use the DONATE button, visit dvlc4esl.org, or send check or cash for $15 to DVLC, 4000 Clayton Rd., Concord, CA 94521.