Diablo Valley Literacy Council Newsletter
Volunteers tutoring English as a second language (ESL) to non English speaking adults
Winter 2022 | Vol. 36 No. 1
2022 ProLiteracy Conference
The ProLiteracy Conference has been postponed from September 2021 to October 2022.
This is a wonderful opportunity open to any of our volunteers to get energized about the work we are doing with adult English learners. From across the U.S., practitioners, instructors, administrators, directors, board members, and students gather to lead change in the adult literacy field. The conference features over 100 presentations and workshops that explore how organizations and practitioners can collaborate to build instructional capacity and deliver innovative, effective services that benefit adult learners.
*DVLC will pay for registration for two volunteers and $1600+ towards each person's travel and accommodations.
WE ARE STILL SCOUTING FOR A PRESIDENT to succeed our current Board President
We wil need someone to assume the role of President in 2023.
This person would:
  • Supervise and control the affairs of the organization
  • Create agenda for all Board and Membership meetings
  • Send agenda to all Board members prior to meeting
  • Preside at meetings
  • Submit annual volunteer hours summary to ProLiteracy
  • Delegate responsibilities to accomplish operations of the organization

From one of our tutors:
My student has never been to a traditional school. Despite the heavy restrictions on women's education, she was home schooled by her father in Afghanistan where she learned the basics of English reading and writing.  
She set her sights on earning her citizenship after moving to the United States. We started our work on this preparation in April 2021, with her interview set for September. When the test came, she passed the civics, reading, and writing parts but failed in the speaking part. When she had been asked if she had a spouse, she didn't know what to say because she had never heard the word "spouse" before.
Not allowing this setback to stop her, however, we continued to practice for the speaking part with the N400 questions in preparation for another interview set on December 1st.  
I am now elated to report that she passed this test, and can now proudly say that she is a citizen of the United States!
Report Hours for
October-December, 2021

Don't forget to report your hours for the 4th quarter: Tutoring hours and Non-tutoring hours (time spent for preparation, travel to student and workshop).

You can email dvlc4esl@gmail.com or use the link that was emailed previously.
2021 Renewal Dues
If you haven't already done so, remember to pay your 2022 membership dues. It's a great way to show your support for DVLC, and we use the dues to pay for items needed to support our tutoring program.

Please use the DONATE button, visit dvlc4esl.org, or send check or cash for $15 to DVLC, 4000 Clayton Rd., Concord, CA 94521.