DVOMB Quarterly Minute
January 2021
Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021!

The arrival of 2021 represents to many the hope for the safe return to life free from the threat of a pandemic. The year of 2020 was not what many of us had envisioned. The optimism for a new decade was quickly replaced with disillusionment. Sacrifices were made in our personal and professional lives. This came with adjustments of working in a virtual format and the importance of the mute button. Messages about hope, resilience, and community were echoed as a reminder for us all to stay positive throughout the year. 

Looking back, 2020 tested the collective spirit, conscious, and fabric of communities here and around the world. It highlighted racial injustices and inequities. It fortified what we prioritize and value. It forced many of us to recognize the frailty of our own existence and the plans we make. So, how do we contemplate the future? How do we assure ourselves that the lessons learned from 2020 are not lost? 

Looking forward to 2021, there is a renewed sense of taking care of others and ourselves. There is no replacement for our sense of connectedness. In this new year, not only should we hope for the return of a world before COVID-19, but perhaps a world that is even better than once was. 
Next DVOMB Meeting
January Board Meeting
The DVOMB is continuing to meet virtually and the next meeting falls on January 8th, 2021. There will be 1.25 hours of training credit offered at the next Board meeting. We hope to see you there!
What – Agenda
When – January 8th, 2020
Time – 9:00AM – 12:30PM
Where – Online Only Via WebEx (Click here to Register)

Approved Board Minutes
November Minutes – Click Here
October Minutes – Click Here
DVOMB Updates and Guidance in Response to COVID-19 

The Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management (ODVSOM) has been monitoring the COVID-19 virus and assessing the situation along with its impact. In light of the increasing COVID-19 cases, Providers who submitted a Teletherapy or E-Therapy Variance and received an approval letter from the DVOMB staff have approval to continue conducting treatment and evaluation services under the variance until April 1st, 2021. There is no need to submit any additional paperwork as this extension is automatic. While the goal of this period is to transition back to face-to-face services, the DVOMB understands this may not be possible for all providers or clients. As we monitor the situation, the DVOMB may grant another extension of the Teletherapy or E-Therapy Variance prior to April 1st, 2020. Should the DVOMB choose to decline a subsequent extension of the variance, Providers will have the option of individually requesting an extension to continue providing Teletherapy or E-Therapy services beyond April 1st, 2021.

For more information, please click here
2021 DVOMB Renewal Notice

This is a friendly reminder that renewal season is around the corner in July of 2021. All Approved Providers are required to renew their placement on the Provider List every two years. If you are an Approved Provider (including those in a "not currently practicing" status) and plan to continue being listed with the DVOMB, we recommend you start preparing now and making sure you have met your continuing education and training hour requirements, to include the DVRNA Booster.

Please look for the renewal application in the coming months.
Telehealth Survey Results

The results are in! Yuanting Zhang, PhD, staff researcher to the ODVSOM, compiled the survey results pertaining to the use of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data is very interesting with many nuances to consider as the general view of telehealth and its use with DVOMB and SOMB populations was mixed. To see the results, click here.  
Provider Coverage
With the COVID-19 pandemic, some providers find themselves needing help from time to time, and also looking for Approved Providers to join their practices due to the number of referrals they receive.
If you have interest in providing coverage, or if you are available to pick up extra work, please let our office know so that we can compile an updated list of Providers willing to provide coverage. This list would then be made available through our office upon request.
If you are interested in being on this coverage list, please email Carolina Thomasson and indicate you would like to be available to provider coverage, or to take on more work with domestic violence offenders. 

Also, if you are a DVCS who is currently taking on new supervisees, please let us know as well. 
DVOMB Provider
Data Management System
Starting in January, the DVOMB will fully launch the new Provider Data Management System (PDMS). The PDMS is the new online portal where Approved Providers will be able to update contact information, submit applications, and submit client data to the DVOMB. The transition to the PDMS will involve a few steps for Approved Providers to activate their account and set a password. The DVOMB staff will facilitate this transition and plan to migrate Approved Providers in the following segments: (1) Domestic Violence Clinical Supervisors, (2) Entry and Provisional Level Providers, (3) Full-Operating Level Providers.

Please look for instructions to follow in the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Jesse Hansen
In Memory Of Mary Augustyn

It is with a heavy heart that we share Mary Augustyn passed away on November 6th. Mary was a respected leader and her kind spirit impacted many. In her honor, we offer our deepest condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues. You can find more information in Mary’s obituary here

Mary built a tiny garden
In a corner of everyone's heart
She kept it just for lovely things
And kept away anything that didn't show her light and integrity
And ever was there music
And flowers blossomed fair;
And never was it perfect
Until she entered there

Tribute by Sharon Huntoon
Policy Update
Section 1.0 Implementation

This is a friendly reminder that the approved revisions to Section 1.0 of the Standards along with a change to the title of the Standards become effective on January 1st, 2021. The Board approved these changes to the Standards to clarify the DVOMB’s purview with offenders who are on parole or in community corrections. Additionally, the former title of the Standards, Standards for Treatment with Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders, ostensibly suggested that the DVOMB Standards applied only to those who are on probation or court monitored. This excluded offenders on parole and/or in community corrections. Details about what was changed and why are available here

Restorative Justice White Paper
The DVOMB has published a white paper on the limitations of Restorative Justice Practices with domestic violence cases. For more information about this, please click here.

DVOMB Sunset Review
The DVOMB staff received notice by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) that the sunset review process has officially started for the DVOMB. Analysis in a sunset review is performed to determine whether the regulatory program is necessary and should be continued, modified or eliminated. This review will produce a report with recommendations to the Colorado General Assembly and result in subsequent legislation based on the recommendations in the report. 

The analyst assigned to conduct the review of the DVOMB is Vivienne Belmont (vivienne.belmont@state.co.us). She may be contacting you as a Board member or stakeholder to gather information about your experience as an appointed member and may seek your input. Additionally, you will likely see Vivienne at future Board and committee meetings.

The staff will be posting a message on the website for stakeholders to contribute their comments about the DVOMB. Until then, you can also refer your stakeholders to the following website: COPRRR's website.

ODVSOM Training Conduct Policy
The ODVSOM has updated its training policy. Click here for more information. 
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