No School on November 12th and November 19-23rd
Monday, November 12th is a federal holiday for Veteran's Day and November 19-23rd the school is closed for Thanksgiving Break. Aftercare is available from 8am-5:30pm (Junebug) and 8am-5:30pm (Sunflower) on November 19-20th and may be available on the 21st if more than 4 children sign up. Click here for the Sunflower and Junebug forms. Please note there will be no drop-in care available during these days.

Christmas Trees Fundraiser for the 6th Grade
The 6th grade is off to a running start on its fundraising efforts (offered in conjunction with their Business Math block) for the year and the deadline to buy Christmas Trees is November 13th. Please let Angela McGinnis, or any parent of a 6th grader know if you are interested in ordering a holiday tree this year.  The trees will be harvested on a farm in Oregon and delivered to DWS for pick-up on December 7th. They are guaranteed to stay fresh in your home until January.  Thank you in advance for your support!
If you don't need a tree, but would still like to support the 6th grade, please consider donating to Trees For Troops. $68.00 buys a tree that will be donated to a military family. What a great way to thank our military families while also earning funds for our 6th grade!

School Photo Make-Ups - Wednesday, November 14th
Our professional photographer, Wendy Baker, will be at school on November 14th at 11am for make-up pictures of those students that missed Photo Day in September. Wendy's policy is that she will give a full refund on returned packages, no questions asked, but she will only retake a photo if there is a technical error and the quality of the image is unacceptable. She will not retake for expressions, clothing, hair styles, etc. If you have questions, please call the office at 530-753-1651.

The 2018 individual school portraits are now ready to view and order online.  If you didn't get an envelope in, or if you would like to order additional prints, please go to:    The password is DWS.   If you have any questions please contact   

Parent Council
All are invited to our next Parent Council meeting Thursday, November 15th from 5:45-8pm at the home of Ceri and Ezra Beeman, 334 I St in Davis. Please bring food or drink to share if you would like. Minutes from last month's meeting may be viewed here. For more information contact our Parent Council Chair, Gina Murphey at

Gratitude Day - Friday, November 16th
Before we part for the Thanksgiving holiday, our students will express their gratitude by making a leaf with a special thank you or blessing to be hung on a tree branch displayed in the breezeway. We invite parents to come by anytime during the day to hang a leaf on the tree as well. We have so much to be thankful for at our beautiful school!

Sunflower Drop-ins May Not Be Available 
Several of our days are at full capacity in Sunflower Aftercare so if you need drop-in care, please contact the office ahead of time to inquire if there is a slot available. If you are a contracted family and there are days/times your child will not be attending, please let the office know so another child may be signed up. Thank you for your help! 530-753-1651 or

News from our 4th Grade's Field Trip to Chaw'se
The fourth grade had a wonderful time at Indian Grinding Rock on October 18-19. The chaperones were fantastic - many thanks to Audra, Heather, Shannon, Dean and Gina. We could not have done it without them!
It was quite an adventure, carrying all of our things, plus all the water, up and down the hill from the parking spot up to the bark tipis. The children gladly set up their things -- and many were ready to lie down and be cozy right then! However, there was much yet to accomplish to finish setting up camp and then a hike to do, dinner and dessert to make, and flashlight tag to play!
The children were led on a silent hike and they chose a beautiful spot to listen and look without speaking for a few minutes, and then they drew or wrote about what they observed; such lovely drawings, notes, and poems! They also had a marvelous time playing tag after dinner and then baking fire bread around the fire.  By then they were very tired -- getting them to go to bed was quite easy!  We slept with an amazing view of the stars through the open tipi doors.
We were up before the sun on Friday morning with the velvet-black sky with the stars twinkling in deep darkness overhead -- the moon was down, the sun was an hour off, and it was a magical moment. We had hot chocolate or tea and then hiked silently to the grinding rocks, where we showed each other the petroglyphs we could see.  Then we enjoyed a noisy hike back to camp for breakfast.  The children enjoyed visiting the museum later, learning about the Miwok and their way of life.  We wished we could have stayed longer!
It was a grand adventure and we look forward to our next one to Monterey November 7-9 to visit the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, the Pacific Grove Butterfly Sanctuary to see the monarchs, San Juan Bautista State Historic Park and the mission, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The trip to Chaw'se supported our California History and Geography block, and the Monterey trip supports both California History and Geography and our Human and Animal blocks.

Welcome New Colleagues!
We are blessed to have several new colleagues join our school this fall. In Early Childhood Robin Sweeney will start with us this week as our Junebug Program Director.  She comes with over ten years of experience as a Site Supervisor. Her son attended the Red Rose Kindergarten at Sacramento Waldorf School and she embraces the Waldorf philosophy. Catalina Edwardshas also joined us in Early Childhood and is currently in the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training program with Teacher Ashley Camp, Teacher Lynn Donofrio and Teacher Meg O'Connell (our First Grade Teacher). 
In our morning care program for 4th and 5th grade, we welcome Rebecca Mills, mother of Danny and Lily who are students in our school.  We also welcome Dr. Yun-Chu Chen who is a professional pianist.  She will accompany Miyoung Schoen for our Grades 1-8 eurythmy classes.

Thank you's to our Community!

Photo by John Zibell, Davis Enterprise photographer
The North Davis neighborhood and local muralist Daniel Fodor was thrilled to have their day of painting filled with wonderful live music and sends our school much gratitude for arranging the musicians throughout the day and coordinating all the details. We were proud to participate in this project as part of our Waldorf 100 Initiative: Hand in Hand Community Engagement Project. 

DWS Fiddlers
Musicians included our DWS Fiddlers, parent Trista Stanley and members of the Davis Community Folk Orchestra, Kindergarten Teacher Mary Caridi-Gorga and Ed Reeder, alumni student Maya Keenan and parent Kelly Fritsch's daughter Mckella. We had some of our families painting as well and it was just amazing to see the project completed. Our students will enjoy the artwork as they ride their bikes through the greenbelt to school. Thank you!!
Our All Hallow's Eve Halloween festival was a wonderful gathering of families and friends who enjoyed the magical delight of our Protected Path, delicious food from the 7th grade café, a fantastic selection of live musicians, crackling bonfire and haybale fun. And those students old enough to venture into the Perilous Path were challenged to reach the end of their quest and join fellow classmates for their own bonfire and treats. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, teachers and staff who contributed their time and energy to make this happen, from designing the paths, setting up, cooking, acting, welcoming guests and cleaning up...we could not have done it without you!!
Thank you to Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Slater and 6th grade parents Elia Gallardo and Jon Almeida along with their son Joaquin for creating the beautiful Dia de los Muertos alter last week for our community to display and honor the loved ones that have passed on. It was a very special experience for classes to visit the alter together and share in this cultural tradition.
And a final thank you to all the students who returned their UNICEF boxes filled with coins and bills to help support this organization's mission to fight for the survival and development of all children around the world. Our students collected almost $450 in one night towards this cause. Amazing!! 

DWS Annual Giving Campaign well on its way!
We hit the $30,000 mark today at only one week in!!! Once we reach 100% participation from enrolled families we'll receive our $10,000 challenge gifts; 2/3rd of the way to our $60,000 goal! Our community is so proud of the outpouring of support to reach our goal and help cover our operating expenses for the year. Over the next 4 weeks families will continue to reach out to their family and friends and the Administration and Board will continue to reach out to alumni parents and special friends of Davis Waldorf to ask for their support. 

Congratulations to the 2nd grade class for being the first class to reach both 100% participation and their class financial goal! They will receive $500 towards their class fund. And congratulations to the 7th and 8th grade classes, they were the first to reach 100% participation(in that order) and will each receive $250 toward their class fund! If classes have not reached their financial goal yet they should continue to reach out for donations as this is critical in reaching our $60,000 goal. An email was sent to all families to forward on to family and friends asking for a donation in honor of their child. ( Click here to view). Starting Friday in the Breezeway we will have an Annual Giving table set up with postcards and Annual Giving materials that can be addressed and left with us to add postage and mail for you. This is a great way to reach your relatives/friends that may not be email savvy!
Below are our stats for % participation/% of financial goal:

8th grade - 100%/21%
7th grade - 100%/103%
6th grade - 50%/56%
5th grade - 47%/57%
4th grade - 93%/62%
3rd grade - 89%/58%
2nd grade - 100%/110%
1st grade - 65%/64%
Morning Glory - 44%/50%
Climbing Rose - 89%/63%
Golden Poppy - 17%/36%
Lavender - 10%/11%

How to Provide a Supportive Waldorf Home
Please enjoy this wonderful article by a Summerfield Waldorf parent. Hard copies may also be picked up in the office. Link to article.

DWS Sports
Our fall sports are finishing up and we will be starting the basketball season after Thanksgiving break. We will have a co-ed team and our first practice will be Tuesday, November 27th from 3:30-5pm and will be every Tuesday and Thursday. Forms and fee information are available here or in the office. Please email our Sports Director, Natalie Oltjenbruns, at, if you have questions.

Middle School Morning Study Hall
Middle School Study hall will move to the 6th grade classroom after Thanksgiving Break. If your Middle School students (grades 6-8) arrives at school between 7:45-8:15 a.m., they must go to Morning Study Hall and are required to sign-in upon arrival. They may not leave campus. At 8:15, after study hall, students will go to their respective classrooms.
Our Season of Advent
The Winter Solstice creates a turning point when darker and shorter days bring our attention to the power of light in darkness, both of actual light and our own internal soul light. We experience a mood of anticipation and preparation. The children in Grades 1-8 celebrate during the weeks of the Advent season on Monday mornings in December at an opening assembly that includes the lighting of a wreath's candles and the recitation of verses welcoming minerals, plants, animals, and human beings.
We also experience bringing light into the darkness with the walking of the Winter Spiral.  For this walk, the Multipurpose Room will be darkened and filled with a mood of wonder and quiet reverence.  As each child takes a turn to slowly walk into the spiral to light a candle and then place it along the path, the path illumines until a beautiful spiral of light is created in the darkness.  Please join us in the MPR for our Winter Spiral celebrations: 
For Grades 1-4: Friday, November 30th
1st: 4:30 - 5:40pm
2nd: 5:50 - 6:35pm
3rd: 6:45 - 7:15pm
4th: 7:25 - 8:15pm
For Kindergarten:  Saturday, December 1st
Morning Glory: 5:15pm
Climbing Rose: 6:15pm
With the community (adults and grades 5 and up):  
Saturday, December 1st, 7:30pm
*Please note that only the child of the class scheduled for the class spiral time will walk the path, not older or younger siblings.

Spiral Etiquette and Safety Rules
  • No photography of any kind!
  • No cell phones or electronic devices (please turn them off).
  • We ask that no long skirts or coats are worn (there will be candles on the floor).
  • Long hair should be pulled back and secured.
  • Do not allow your child to eat the apples during or after the ceremony.
  • Please arrive at the classroom 10 minutes before the time listed for your class. Spirals begin promptly at the stated time. Please do not be late as disruptions affect the quiet, reverential mood.
  • Strive to be quiet - coming, during, and going. That is part of the gift of this time together. At the end of the spiral walk, please depart in silence.

Evergreen Boughs Needed!
We are looking for a variety of evergreen boughs for our Winter Spiral. If you are able to collect some, please deliver them on Thursday or Friday October 29-30th and put them on the backside of the MPR. Email Jenn Short at to let her know you can provide some. All kinds are welcome (cedar, pine, holly, olive, rosemary, etc.).

DWS Winter Concert - Friday, December 7th, 7-8:30pm at Brunelle Hall 
All DWS families, alumni, relatives and friends are warmly invited to attend this magical annual celebration. We feature a selection of strings and concert band pieces as well as a variety of performances from second through eighth grade students. There is no charge to attend this concert. There will be rehearsals earlier in the day and class teachers will provide details about student rehearsal times. The concert attire for performing strings and band students (4th-8th) is solid black on the bottom and solid white on top and dark shoes. Girls can wear pants or long skirts. If girls have knee-length skirts, they need to wear black leggings.

Family Craft Day - Saturday, December 8th, 12-4:00pm
Come and celebrate the winter season with us through Waldorf-inspired craft making for children and adults. A tradition in our school for the last 18 years!  Crafts this year include candle dipping, wreathmaking, gnome house building, folded stars, orange pomanders, woodworking, and fairy and gnome making. Our café will offer soups and bread, treats and drinks. Tickets will be sold as you arrive, $5 per craft or $25 for an all-craft pass to make one of each item. The middle school classes work with our Handwork teacher Dahlia Haberman to raise money for their classes and the handwork program. A day not to miss!!
Interested in assisting with crafts or preparations?   Contact Jenn Short at

Preschool and Parent-Child Open House
Saturday, December 8th 10:30 am-12:00 pm
Have a friend who is curious about Waldorf preschool and our Parent Child program? Please ask them to join us for a relaxed morning in one of our beautiful classrooms. Children are invited to play inside (and outside if the weather is willing). Teachers will be on hand to answer parents' and caregivers' questions about our programs. All are welcome.

In January, we will begin accepting applications for Fall 2019.

Celebrating Santa Lucia 
The theme of light shining in the darkness is shared across many lands and traditions.  The celebration of Santa Lucia begins each December 13th and is also known as the Festival of Lights. In the old Swedish tradition, every village chose a young woman to represent Santa Lucia. On the morning of December 13th, wearing a white dress with a red sash and a wreath of lingonberry twigs with seven candles set upon it, she would go from farm to farm bringing baked goods and return home before dawn.
The lighting of the candles on her headpiece symbolizes welcoming light during the darkest time of the year. Centuries ago when the Santa Lucia tradition first began, the calendar date of December 13th was the winter solstice, so the celebration of Santa Lucia also marks the beginning of the change to longer and warmer days.  Today, families celebrate Santa Lucia by having the eldest daughter in the household dress as Santa Lucia and bring coffee and saffron buns to each member of the family before dawn. 

Here at DWS, the second grade holds the celebration for the whole school. Traditionally, on December 13th, the oldest 2nd grade girl wears the crown of candles, while the other children in the class carry baskets of cookies to share with each member of the school community. We enter each classroom, singing joyfully yet peacefully, and offer the class teacher the basket of rolls or cookies for that class. The older children always look forward to this tradition and often join in the singing when the second graders enter the room. The younger children look with wonder at the 'big kids' and dream of when it will be their turn!  We look forward to this year's celebration!

DWS orders a yearbook for each student. If you  do not want a yearbook for your child, you must opt-out by Friday, December 14th. You can opt-out by letting the office know or emailing the office at

Aftercare Contracts for Winter Break
Care will be offered January 2-4. Contracts are due back by December 20. No drop-in care is available. Click here for June Bug contracts or Sunflower contracts.  You can also print contracts from our website or stop by the office. Email with questions.

Substitutes Needed!
We are looking for qualified substitutes for our Sunflower Aftercare Program, grades classes, and our Early Childhood Program. If you are interested, please submit a resume and three professional references to

Please support Davis Waldorf while doing your holiday shopping 
Nova Natural will give the school a 10% donation and free shipping for all orders placed with their company.  They have beautiful Waldorf-appropriate toys and crafts!  Check out Nova Natural, or we have a catalog in the office. Use the following code when ordering to get free shipping and to ensure the school gets their generous donation - DAVISWALD10.

It's also easy to support us through Amazon Smile at

CSA Boxes from Good Humus
Good Humus is a DWS alumni family and local organic farm and they provide bountiful CSA boxes, flowers and Village Bakery breads. Pick-up is every Tuesday at our school and forms are available in the office. This would make a perfect holiday gift for a friend or family!

Green Wood Needed
The woodworking program at DWS is still in need of green (fresh-cut) wood. Would prefer three or four pieces that are greater than 6" in diameter (either branch wood or trunk wood), and a foot or more long.  Most kinds of hardwood or fruitwood are fine. If you see something in your neighborhood, or if you are planning on removing a tree please contact Bill Critchfield, Woodworking Teacher, 

Handwork Circle continues to meet every Friday from 8:30-10:00am
Please come out and join our Handwork Teacher, Dahlia Haberman, for handwork and conversation. We meet in the room to the left of the preschool classrooms, look for the gold sun. All are welcome and no experience needed.

Bring your friends to join our DWS family
We have openings in some of our grades classes for next year. We are offering a $500 referral credit to next year's tuition to any family who refers a friend that completes the enrollment process. Questions? Contact Jody Roach, Director of Finance and Operations at

DWS is now on Instagram!
Be sure to follow us: @DavisWaldorfSchool. To access you must download the Instagram app on your phone. Create an account and once you are logged in to your account, search DavisWaldorfSchool and select the "follow" button.

Friends of Davis Waldorf School Facebook Page
Follow us on the Friends of Davis Waldorf School Facebook page. To access, click the following link, click "Join Group". You may need to wait 24 hours until your request to join has been approved.

Submissions for our Updates/Bulletins
If you have an item to include in an upcoming bulletin, please email Jenn Short at
Dates to Remember

11/08 - 8th Grade Field Trip
11/08 - Parent Child Program 9:30am
11/08 - 3rd Grade Parent Mtg 6pm
11/09 - Morning Glory & Climbing Rose Lantern Walk
11/09 - Handwork Circle 8:30am
11/09 - Parent Child Program 9:30am
11/09 - 6th-8th Grade High School Options 6:30pm
11/10 - Family Ways Series 9am
11/12 - No School, Veteran's Day
11/13 - Board Meeting 6:30pm
11/14 - School Tour 8:30am
11/14 - Photo Make-Up Day 11am
11/14 - 2nd Grade Martimas Lantern Walk 6pm
11/15 - Parent Child Program 9:30am
11/15 - Parent Council 5:45pm
11/16 - Handwork Circle 8:30am
11/16 - Parent Child Program 9:30am
11/19-23 - No School, Thanksgiving Holiday