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Straighten Up Your Dad With This Father's Day Gift

Give the dad in your life the gift of better posture with BAKBŌN!

BAKBŌN improves posture which is important, especially as we age. Benefits of good posture include improved balance, lung/breath efficiency and energy. When wearing BAKBŌN, you are training your brain and body to recognize and repeat proper form, not relying on the device to do it for you.

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Using B Strong's BFR Training Bands creates more effective workouts while building muscle!

The Ultimate Gift: B Strong BFR Bands offer shorter, more effective workouts, using lighter loads while getting better results!

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Is Your Heart Healthy?

You know the feelings: 

You are just tired all the time. Occasional chest discomfort. Feeling more worn out than you should for the activity level you did. Huffing and puffing going up stairs or doing work around the house. Not feeling as sharp as you once were. Mostly you are just tired and may notice fluid accumulating in your ankles and other joints. 


By supporting your heart through good nutrition, you may not feel like you are getting so old. 

Heart Health recommendations:

-The diet with the most heart-healthy nutrients is the Mediterranean diet.

-Switch all your table salt to Celtic Sea Salt.

-Drink plenty of water.

-Exercise a little every day.

Once you start enjoying a well-supported heart that may result in a stronger stroke, beat, and strength, your physician can discuss what to do about heart meds (wean off or continue). You can slowly reduce your daily dose of these cardiotonic supplements over 9-18 months while maintaining a good diet and lifestyle habits. Please go amaze yourself and your cardiologist.

Heart Health Supplement


Dr. Tucker recommends whole food and phytonutrient supplements from Standard Process.

The following supplements are available to order from Dr. Tucker's Fullscript with a 10% discount!

-Cataplex B-Core: Regime 2-4 daily (at least 2/day)

-Cardio-Plus: Regime 4-9 daily (at least 6/day)

-Min-Tran: Regime 4-6 daily

-Cataplex F: Regime: 3 daily…unless you are allergic to iodine     

-Cod Liver Oil capsules: Regime 3-4 daily

Dr. Tucker's Recommended Products


Enjoy Life Without Limits

Dr. Tucker understands how frustrating it is to miss out on the activities you love.

That's why he recommends PHYTO-ZOL, a patented CBD topical serum scientifically proven to penetrate deeply into your skin to deliver more CBD to the areas you need it most.

PHYTO-ZOL is fragrance-free and water-based, making it less irritating to the skin. Most other topicals use an alcohol base and contain menthol or other fragrant oils, making them more drying and irritating to the skin.

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Affordable At-Home Blood Marker Health Test

Choose Health is a test that patients can do at home, on their own.

It provides cardiovascular and blood sugar indicators that help patients have personalized and customized

health care.

If you would like to learn how your nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, drinking and family history are impacting your long-term health you should take this test.

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Dr. Jeffrey Tucker - The Biohack Doctor

This is a regular feature from Dr. Jeffrey Tucker that helps put you in the driver's seat when it comes to your health care. This is called Biohacking and Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is The Biohack Doctor!

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