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A busy time of year, for sure! We may feel overwhelmed but let’s celebrate all the happy events in our lives, take a deep breath and not expect perfection!
These fine leather goods from Italy have been top sellers and Wednesday is the last day to have monogramming orders in for Father’s Day. 
We can help you choose any font your heart desires.
Butter soft leather accessories from Italy
Large travel bag $125
Accessory bag great for phone cords, pens and pencils $42
Catchall tray $48
All monogramming $8.00
Every guy’s favorite bourbon glasses with a heft to impress, hand blown by a master craftsman.
Embossed with a skull each pair $175

Our super sturdy wine coolers are currently 30% off now $130. A statement piece for every party you have year round.
In other news ... WE ARE NOW OPEN SUNDAYS from 11-3pm. Come say hi to my niece Shaun and her honey, Ryan, who came all the way from San Diego to work Sundays! Okay, not really. She’s expecting and we gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse..FREE ROUND THE CLOCK BABYSITTING! This fam likes to stick together. Thank you St. Jude from our matriarch. 
 A great Sunday destination is our fantastic farmer’s market and a stroll through GreatHouse! 
Thank you for the tremendous and caring turnout for our birthday Charity fundraiser for kids cancer research. On a Wednesday, of all days, the community showed their love and these girls learned a lot, felt the joy of giving to others and understand why I love coming to work each day. They were happy busy bees and witnessing their enthusiasm was heart warming. What a great birthday and we gave out lots of awesome gifts. You are the sweetest and I thank you from my heart. Shout out to all the people of BoontonTownship and Mountain Lakes who baked! The charity is Cookies 4 Kids cancer and the organization was delighted.
  Hope to see you soon..... Instagram  is still the BEST way to stay in the know.    

Be well,
Bonny XOXO

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