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Hilchos Kriyas Shema 58 (page 182)
מסימן נח סעיף ד עד תחילת סימן נט

Reciting the Evening Shema in the Morning
Reciting the Berachos After the Correct Time
The Tefilla Aspect of Shema

Reciting the evening Shema in the morning
If circumstances prevented a person from reciting kriyas Shema in the evening, he may recite it until sunrise. He may also recite the berachos from Ma'ariv, except for the beracha of Hashkiveinu. The poskim discuss whether it is permissible to recite the morning kriyas Shema at the same time [if it is after alos]. One opinion offers a compromise:  if he read the evening Shema before misheyakir, he can read the morning Shema after misheyakir. If he missed the evening Shema because of neglect, the Chachomim penalized him and do not permit him to recite Shema after alos.
( סעיף ה וס"ק ה-כב, עם הרחבת מקור שבשעה"צ ס"ק יד; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 22-23)
Reciting the berachos after the correct time
Someone who did not recite Shema at the proper time may still recite it with the berachos until the end of the fourth seasonal hour of the day (the end of zman tefilla). This reading is too late for him to fulfill the mitzva of Shema, but he will fulfill the mitzva of remembering yetzias Mitzrayim (which, b'dieved, can be done all day) through reading parshas Vayomer. After the fourth hour it is forbidden to recite the berachos. Someone who had an ones might able to recite the berachos even later.
( סעיף ו, ס"ק כו-כז, וביה"ל ד"ה קוראה; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 26; וראה שם, 28)

The tefila aspect of Shema
According to some authorities, in addition to the basic mitzva involved in krias Shema there is also an aspect of davening in its recitation.   Accordingly, someone who did not recite either the day or night Shema can recite it later in the day to compensate for the lost tefila, even though it is too late to fulfill the mitzva of Shema. This can be done in the same manner as someone who missed a different tefila. If someone missed the morning Shemone Esrei, he can make it up by repeating the Mincha Shemone Esrei. Likewise, if someone missed the morning Shema, he can make it up by reciting the evening Shema a second time. Other poskim hold that a missed Shema cannot be made up.
( סעיף ז וס"ק כח-כט)

  • Someone who will be unable to recite Shema during its allotted time may recite it after alos, since m'doraisa it is already day.
  • The poskim permit someone who will not have the opportunity to don tefillin later to don them and recite Shema with them immediately after alos.
  • It is proper to daven Shacharis as early as possible. One reason is because it is forbidden to do any personal work before davening like it is forbidden to perform any work prior to any mitzva. Additionally, there is an urgency to recite Shema as early as possible, which like any mitzvad'oraisa must be performed at the first opportunity.

  • If a combined beracha Mezonos/Shehakol was recited on water

  • Correcting a beracha within the time of toch kdei dibur

  • "The conclusion decides all"



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