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Hilchos Tefillin 42 (page 140)
מסעיף ב עד אמצע סעיף ג ואם התנה

Is a Tefillin Bag Considered a Tashmish Kedusha Today?
Storing a Siddur or Mirror in a Talis Bag
"Hazmanah (Preparation) is Not Significant"

Is a tefillin bag considered a tashmish kedusha today? Since tefillin are typically stored in their individual boxes nowadays, the bag they are stowed in is technically not a tashmish kedusha . It does not have its own kedusha because it does not directly cover the tefillin . Nonetheless, it should be treated as a tashmish kedusha since it protects the retzuos which have the knots alluding to Hashem's name. Other items should not be stored in the tefillin bag. Some poskim permit keeping a note with the contact information of the owner in the tefillin bag in case it gets misplaced.
( ס"ק ט וביה"ל ד"ה משל; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 13 ו־16)
Storing a siddur or mirror in a talis bag
A talis does not have kedusha.  Other items may be stored in a talis bag since it is not considered a tashmish kedusha. A talis bag does not become a tashmish kedusha even if a tefillin bag is stored in it, because the tefillin are not stored directly in the talis bag and the bag is designated to hold non- kedusha items (i.e.the talis) . If a talis bag is sometimes used directly to store [loose] tefillin, it should not be used for storing other items too.
( ס"ק יא; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 15)

' Hazmanah (preparation) is not significant'
An item which has been designated for kedusha use but has not yet been used may be used for something of lesser kedusha. Tashmishei kedusha that were designated for kedusha use but have not yet been used may be used for even mundane purposes. This exemption is known as ' hazmanah (preparation) is not significant'. A tashmish kedusha (e.g. tefillin bag) is not prohibited for mundane use unless it was designated as a tashmish kedusha; this is true even if it was used for kedusha.
( סעיף ג וס"ק ט)


  • The rule of ma'alin bakodesh permits using a kedusha item for a greater kedusha but not for a lesser kedusha.
  • The rule of ma'alin bakodesh applies to both the mitzva item itself (e.g. tefillin) and the accessories (e.g. tefillin bag).
  • The shel rosh has greater kedusha than the shel yad because it has more of the letters of Hashem's name - i.e. the shin (on the sides of the bayis) and dales (in the knot) -- whereas the shel yad has only the yud (as part of the knot).

  • The difference between tashmishei kedusha and tashmishei mitzva.
  • Can new sefarim be stored on the floor?
  • Stipulating to be allowed to use tashmisheikedusha for other purposes