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Hilchos Tefillin 29-30 (page 78)

Wearing Tefillin on Shabbos and Yom Tov
What Time May Tefillin be Worn?
When is it Permissible to Wear Tefillin at Night?


Wearing tefillin on Shabbos and Yom Tov

Mdoraisa, tefillin should be worn all day of every weekday and during the night. There is no mitzva to wear tefillin on Shabbos, and doing so is a violation of ba'al tosif. Some poskim permit wearing tefillin on Shabbos if they are not worn for the sake of the mitzva. Other poskim forbid wearing them on Shabbos as a safeguard against having to remove them in a public domain and transport them on Shabbos. Chazal forbid wearing tefillin at night lest the wearer fall asleep and release gas while wearing them.

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What time may tefillin be worn?

The prohibition against wearing tefillin at night is very severe, and even after daybreak tefillin are not permitted until there is sufficient light to recognize a casual acquaintance from a distance of four amos. As long as there is lingering darkness, there is a possibility that the wearer may fall asleep again. How soon after alos is there enough light available to recognize an acquaintance?  There is a machlokes regarding the exact time; the answer ranges between 6 minutes after alos to 30 minutes before neitz. It is permissible to don tefillin during bein hashmashos (twilight). According to one opinion, it is questionable whether this is permitted, and only someone who didn't put on tefillin yet that day should wear them during twilight.

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When is it permissible to wear  tefillin at night?

Someone who was wearing tefillin at nightfall may continue to wear them until he is ready to go to sleep. However, this should not be done in public and one should not teach this to his students. It is permissible to wear the tefillin in public until tzeis, and this rule may be taught in public. It is also permissible to keep one's tefillin on in public if they could get lost or stolen otherwise. Some say that it is even permissible to don the tefillin (without a beracha) at night for this purpose. If the tefillin are removed at night, they may not be put back on.

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  • The tefillin are removed in the following order: first the retzuos around the fingers are unwound, then the shel rosh is removed, and then the shel yad is removed. It is proper to remove the shel rosh with the left (weaker) hand to convey that it is difficult for us to be without tefillin.
  • When winding, it is proper to grasp the tefillin and wrap the retzua around it -- not to roll the tefillin into the retzua.
  • Someone wearing tefillin is obligated to finger them from time to time to remind himself of their presence, lest he take his mind off them. It is not necessary to feel the tefillin while davening Shema or Shemoneh Esrei.






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  • Wearing tefillin into the night

  • Donning tefillin after ma'ariv