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Hilchos Tefillin 30 (page 79)

Donning Tefillin Before a Journey
Wearing Tefillin into the Night
Donning Tefillin After Ma'ariv


Donning tefillin before a journey 

Someone who must set out on a journey before the time for donning tefillin may don his tefillin without a beracha before daybreak if he is unable to put them on while travelling. Once it is light, he should adjust the tefillin and recite the beracha. If the beracha was mistakenly said at night, it is not repeated by day. This leniency applies only to those travelling by foot. Those travelling by wagon, train, car or other form of transportation in which a person can fall asleep are not permitted to put on their tefillin prior to the correct time.

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Wearing tefillin into the night

There is a machlokes as to whether someone sitting in shul with tefillin on may continue wearing them after dark if the other people in shul are aware that he wore them during the day. A traveler who does not have a place to store his tefillin after he takes them off may keep them on after dark until he secures a safe place to store them. As long as he is wearing them after dark, he should keep them covered. This leniency applies on Friday night as well.

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Donning tefillin after ma'ariv

Someone who was unable to put on tefillin earlier may don them during bein hashemashos without a beracha. He may put the tefillin on even if he already davened ma'ariv, but a beracha is not recited on them after ma'ariv even if ma'ariv was davened during the day (since by reciting Shema and ma'ariv he has designated this time as night). Kabalas Shabbos is not like davening ma'ariv, and someone who was unable to put on tefillin earlier may don them after Kabalas Shabbos-with a beracha before shekia, and without a beracha after shekia.

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  • Mid'oraisa, tefillin should be worn all day of every weekday and during the night as well. Chazal forbid wearing tefillin at night lest the wearer fall asleep and release gas while wearing them.

  • The prohibition against wearing tefillin at night is very severe, and even after daybreak tefillin are not permitted until there is sufficient light to recognize a casual acquaintance from a distance of four amos. As long as there is lingering darkness, there is a possibility that the wearer may fall asleep again.

  • Someone who was wearing tefillin at nightfall may continue to wear them until he is ready to go to sleep. However, this should not be done in public nor should one teach this to his students.







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