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Hilchos Tefillin 42 (page 142)
מסימן מב אמצע סעיף ג ואם התנה עד אמצע הסעיף אזמניה ולא צר ביה

The Difference Between Tashmishei Kedusha and Tashmishei Mitzva
Can New Sefarim Be Stored on the Floor?
Stipulating to Allow the Use Tashmishei Kedusha for Other Purposes

The difference between tashmishei kedusha and tashmishei mitzva
An item designated for a mitzva (e.g. an esrog or shofar) can be used for mundane purposes even if it was created especially for its mitzva function (e.g. a schach mat), as long as it hasn't yet been used for the mitzva.  Similarly, mitzva items do not need to be stored in a special way ( geniza) once they are no longer being used, whereas kedusha items must be stored in a fitting manner.
( ס"ק כב; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 31)
Can new sefarim be stored on the floor?
Papers or books which contain divrei Torah are to be treated with kedusha. They cannot be used for non- kedusha projects like mundane writing.  They cannot be placed on the ground, but must be stored at least a tefach higher than the floor. Under certain circumstances, some poskim permit storing unused printed sefarim on the floor. Other poskim require that a separator be placed between the sefarim and the floor.
( ס"ק כג; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 34)
Stipulating to allow the use of tashmishei kedusha for other purposes
If, when manufacturing or designating an item for kedusha, a person stipulates that he be permitted to use the item for other purposes, it may be used for even mundane functions.  However, something specially processed to serve as part of a kedusha item (e.g. parchment prepared for stam) may never be used for mundane purposes.
( סעיף ג וס"ק יח-כא)

  • Since today's tefillin are typically stored in individual boxes, the bag they are stowed in is technically not a tashmish kedusha. It does not have its own kedusha because it does not directly cover the tefillin. Nonetheless, it should be treated as a tashmish kedusha since it protects the retzuos which have the knots alluding to Hashem's name.
  • A talis does not have kedusha. Other items may be stored in its bag since it is not considered a tashmish kedusha.
  • 'Hazmanah (preparation) is not significant' refers to items which have been designated for kedusha or for use as tashmishei kedusha but have not yet been used as such.

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