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Hilchos Tefillin 43 (page 145)
מסעיף ה עד תחילת סימן מד

The Word G-d on Dollars and Coins
Bringing Newspapers and Magazines with Torah Into the Bathroom
Wearing Tefillin in the Vicinity of a Garbage Dumpster

The word G-d on dollars and coins
Tefillin and other kisvei kodesh may be double wrapped ( kli b'soch kli) and brought into the bathroom, provided that at least one of the covers is not specifically designated for the tefillin. According to some poskim, Torah writing that does not contain Hashem's name may be brought in with only one cover. According to some poskim, non-Hebrew words used to represent Hashem's name (e.g. G-d on the dollar bills) have no sanctity and may be brought into the bathroom and even erased.
( ס"ק כד-כה; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 21-22)
Bringing newspapers and Magazines with Torah into the bathroom
According to one opinion, printed sefarim or magazines and newspapers with words of Torah may be brought into the bathroom with just one cover. Printing is not considered writing, and printed words do not have the sanctity of handwritten ones. Other poskim require the standard double covering. One opinion holds that even parts of pesukim or quotes from Chazal used as headlines or catch phrases must be double wrapped when brought into the bathroom.
( ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 20)
Wearing tefillin in the vicinity of a garbage dumpster
It is forbidden to have Torah thoughts in foul areas, such as places where human excrement or rotting items are found. The poskim debate whether it is permissible to pass these areas while wearing tefillin. One opinion distinguishes between passing (permitted) and lingering (forbidden) there. Even the lenient opinion agrees that it is admirable to cover the tefillin, and according to the stringent opinion they may be covered with just a hand. Contemporary poskim discuss whether the large, foul-smelling garbage dumpsters found in some residential neighborhoods are foul smelling enough to forbid Torah thoughts in their vicinity.
( ס"ק כ וביה"ל ואוחזן; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 13 ו־16)

  • Tefillin must be removed four amos away from where a person wishes to relieve himself (even when the place is not an official bathroom).
  • Someone who does not have a place to leave his tefillin when using the bathroom (e.g. they might be stolen if left outside) may bring them into the bathroom if they are attached to his clothing in a way that he does not need to support them with his hands.
  • It is permissible to urinate in an unofficial bathroom while wearing tefillin, but some poskim require that they be removed because of the possibility of passing gas.

  • If someone else falls asleep with their tefillin on

  • Touching tefillin while davening or studying Torah

  • Entering a cemetery while wearing tefillin