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Adjoining together all the courtyards of the mavoi .
After a mavoi-alleyway is closed off (either by a lechi or a korah) there is another step that must be done in order to permit carrying between the courtyards and the mavoi. The members of each courtyard must contribute together toward a shared food item. If the members of one of the courtyards do not contribute, then the people in the other courtyards are forbidden to carry into the mavoi. This is known as shituf mavoios.

[ שו"ע שסג, לא, ומשנ"ב קכז; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 129]

Placing a lechi or a korah in middle of the mavoi

A lechi or a korah is generally placed at the opening of the mavoi. If, however, the lechi or korah is placed in the middle of the mavoi one may only carry up until that point. In this situation only the inner courtyards must contribute to the shituf mavoios; the outer courtyards do not need to contribute since their section of the mavoi was never closed off. In a case that the front of the mavoi was closed off, placing a lechi or a korah in the middle of the mavoi would be of no consequence. Therefore, if the courtyards in the front of the mavoi did not contribute towards the shituf mavoios, this would forbid the members of the rest of the courtyards from carrying.

[ שו"ע שסג, לא-לב, ומשנ"ב קכז, קכח ו־קלב]

Splitting a mavoi in half

A mavoi may be split in half with a pas daled, two lechis or a tzuras hapesach. The two sections would each make their own shtiufei mavoios, and the people would then be able to carry within their own section, but would be forbidden to carry in the other half. However, they may choose to make an additional shituf to adjoin the two halves of the mavoi. According to some opinions if the people living in the inner half of the mavoi must walk through the outer half of the mavoi in order to exit, a shituf must be made to adjoin the two sections. Otherwise it would be forbidden for the people living in the outer half to carry, even in their own section.

[ שו"ע שסג, לא, ומשנ"ב קל-קלא; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 129]
  • A korah may be placed diagonally across the opening of a mavoi.

  • A korah placed diagonally over an uneven mavoi (one side is long and the other side is short) is invalid. The poskim disagree if the entire korah is invalid, and one may not carry in the entire mavoi,or is it prohibited to carry just in the uneven section of the mavoi. The halacha follows the stringent opinion that the korah is completely invalid.

  • Omed merubah al haparetz

  • A mavoi with a large and small opening

  • A mavoi that does not need to be closed off
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