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 Hilchos Kriyas Shema 66 (page 202)
 מסימן סו אמצע סעיף ח אבל טלית עד תחילת סימן סז

Required Components in the Blessing of Ge'ula
When it is Necessary to Wait for Interruptions Before Completing the Blessing of Ge'ula
Interrupting Between Ge'ula and Tefilla

Required components in the blessing of Ge'ula
The text of the final blessing of Birchos K'riyas Shema ( Ge'ula) must include four components: the Kingship of Hashem, yetziyas mitzrayim, k'riyas yam suf, and makkas bechoros. Some poskim require one to repeat the blessing if the words describing any of these topics were skipped; it is questionable if this applies to makkas bechoros. If the evening blessing was substituted for the final morning blessing, or vice versa, it is valid; but if one realized before completing the blessing, he should begin anew with the correct blessing.
( ס"ק נג)
When it is necessary to wait for interruptions before completing the blessing of Ge'ula
If one is reciting the final blessing of Birchos K'riyas Shema and the sh'liyach tzibbur will soon reach a davar sheb'kdusha ( bar'chu, kaddish, or kedusha which need to be responded to even b'emtza haperek), he should delay beginning Shemoneh Esrei and pause near the end of the blessing before the words, " shira chadasha shib'chu ge'ulim" in order to respond appropriately. If he already answered these responses previously, or will be able to respond to another sh'liyach tzibbur after he completes his Shemoneh Esrei, he need not wait and may begin Shemoneh Esrei. There is dispute among the poskim whether one needs to wait for kaddish if he already responded previously.
( סעיף ט, וס"ק נא-נב; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 42)
Interrupting between Ge'ula and Tefilla
One may not interrupt between Ge'ula and Tefilla, even to respond to a davar sheb'kdusha, but he may pause in silence and listen. On Shabbos, he may respond to a davar sheb'kdusha. If he was unable to don his tallis previously, he may not don it then and should pray without it.
( סעיף ח-ט, וס"ק מד, מט ו-נ; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 38 ו-40)

  • The blessing of Ge'ula must be juxtaposed to Tefilla. The single permitted interruption is donning tefillin when one was unable to do so earlier.
  • It is preferable that the entire congregation finish the blessing "Go'al Yisroel" in unison. In many congregations the Sh'liyach Tzibbur recites the ending quietly; there is debate among the poskim whether this is proper.
  • The ending of the blessing Ge'ula in Birchos K'riyas Shema is past tense "go'al yisroel" because it refers to the redemption from Egypt.

  • Whether to recite a blessing when performing a mitzvah d'oraisa in a case of doubt
  • How to fulfill the obligation to remember yetziyas mitzrayim
  • Reciting Birchos K'riyas Shema when in doubt whether it was already recited



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