Friday, September 6, 2019 ~ ו' אלול תשע״ט
Friday Candle-lighting: 7:00 PM ~ פרשת שפטים
Welcome back! Yesterday, students skipped, ran, and danced right into school! It was heartwarming to watch friends be reunited, children excited to see their beloved teachers from last year and everyone returning to their home away from home. Our building is once again hopping with learning! We recognize that some frustrating logistical issues colored the start of school for some of our parents. We apologize for the busing, parentlocker, and phone issues and we are working to resolve them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, our students and teachers had a very successful first day and the school year promises to be fantastic! 

This year we have some very exciting new initiatives. We have started to roll out our theme of the year #Bettertogether. Students will be participating in team building activities and class lessons as well as reading selected books about working together. Make sure to use the Table Talks, which are emailed home every Thursday, to facilitate family Shabbat table discussions about teamwork. Of course, continue to tune in to our school podcast, this year focused on team building, where we will also be reading thoughts that our families send in from their weekly Table Talk discussions. Send your reflections from Table Talk discussions to Early Childhood teachers are working with Ramapo for Children to enhance the experience for each of our children and help them realize their potential as members of their classroom community. Students in grades 1-8 will be some of the first students nationwide to use the updated and innovative math program, Math in Focus. The Makerspace will continue to expand; look out for some new curricula in this area. Community building will extend beyond the school day with Shabbat across YHT , featuring Challah baking, onegs throughout our communities and Motzei Shabbat parent child learning at school. Finally, our wellness initiative is entering its third year, focused this year on physical activity. We hope to take enough steps as a school community to “walk” to Israel! Look out for updates about this fun and engaging way to get us all moving! 

After a summer of intense planning and collaboration among school and lay leaders, we look forward to an amazing school year for all of our students! 
Check out our Table Talk! - Parshat Shoftim
The PTA is off to a great start! Thank you to everyone who helped make lice check and PTA registration run so smoothly! We are grateful to our many volunteers who helped with membership, calendar distribution and spiritwear.

Thank you to  Tova Abrahmov, Dana Bassali, Ilana Dicker, Alison Gross, Malke Joshua, Nurit Livi, Mazal Malayev, Suzana Shimonov, Elana Soleimani and Orlie Taber.  Many of the children of these moms were also super-helpful - we are training them young!

The school calendar is an invaluable resource for families. We thank  Tova Abrahmov and April Bernstein for the tremendous amount of work they put into the calendar for several months prior to print. See below if you didn't get one.

This year's spiritwear is everywhere! Thank you to everyone who ordered, and to  Alana Gelnick for her assistance. The adult sweatshirts will be available very soon. There is a limited amount of spiritwear left. Email if you would like to check on availability.

If you did not pay PTA dues at lice check, it's NOT TOO LATE! Send an email to to let us know. Then send in a check to the office made out to YHT-PTA ($50 for yearly dues or $325 for lifetime). We will have a calendar sent home with your child.

We look forward to seeing you at the Opening Event on September 18!

Leah Fish and Lisa Schilowitz