Daikin Rooftop Units Sending Data Directly to the Cloud
Intelligent Equipment (IE)

Daikin Rooftop Units Sending Data to the Cloudfrom Daikin Applied is a secure, cloud-base solution that enables delivery of information to customers via the web or mobile device. 

Customer Benefits 

  • Informed decision-making
  • Increased equipment efficiency
  • 24/7 Monitoring capability
  • Real-Time equipment information
  • Accelerated equipment payback
  • Historical performance data
  • Can be used with or without existing Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Even if you have Daikin Rebel or Maverick II HVAC units already installed, retrofit kits are available!

Dynamic Customer Dashboards
A user-friendly interface provides labeled, photorealistic unit graphics with real-time site and unit data, viewable on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This dashboard connects the customer with:
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Offsite trouble shooting
  • Direct link to ENERGY STAR portfolio manager
  • Building performance analysis benchmarked against similar buildings
  • Financial summary of total and missed savings
  • Comfort index functionality
Daikin Applied, Intel� & Wind River
Daikin Applied has partnered with Intel and Intel companies, Wind River and McAfee, to provide the most secure system possible.  Security features are built in for both cellular and LAN connections, and are addressed within the solution at multiple levels.

Daikin Applied & Intel
Daikin Applied & Intel
Daikin - IoT - Customer Success Video
Daikin Applied and Wind River�

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