Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Psalm 90 
2 Samuel 7:18-2 
Revelation 22:12-16
Advent is a study of time, but not time in the way we typically think. We are so accustomed to our modern understanding of keeping time that we can miss the way God keeps time. We are used to precise, GPS updated, measurements that are accurate to the second. We build and sculpt our lives around our understanding of time. We let time determine when we get up and when we go to sleep, when we work, and when we play. Most of our lives are literally lived out “on the clock” making stress and anxiety our ready companions.

What would it look like to step away from our modern concept of time and enter into the timelessness of God? A God who has, “...been our dwelling place throughout all generations” Psalm 90:1. Advent reminds us that God is the one who counts the days that are both ahead and behind. We live in that time whether we know it or not. How much better to think of the seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years ahead as already belonging to God to do with as God pleases? The God who began the story is the one who tells the story, and is the one who will complete the story. When we think this way we can relocate ourselves from the oppressive time of our watches to the eternal time of God’s grace.  

Steve Autrey
Senior Pastor, Denver UMC
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