Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Psalm 126
Isaiah 35:3-7
Luke 7:18-30
What a feeling we have when our hero shows up on the scene! What a joy when our family is reconciled! What a beautiful moment when our pains, afflictions, our “wilderness moments” are ended and we find rest with peace, joy, and completeness. Take a moment to surround your thoughts with a celebration and remembering such a feeling and emotion that lies when that happens.

The only problem is, the hero doesn’t always come when we want them the most. Those seasons of pain and suffering in our experiences drag on for longer than we’d prefer. However, Jesus said that faith can move mountains and last time I checked, the way to move the mountain in front of us to get behind us is one step at a time. Through arduous terrain, difficult elements, and dangers throughout the journey, our source of energy and passion to push through comes from the Faith we have in our Hero, our Savior, and our Friend who is also the Source of all life, love, and goodness.

Advent is here! Our hero has arrived! There is great news on the horizon and let’s place our faith in the one who has done “amazing things for us!” Who provides us the strength to thrive in the face of our enemy. Thank God that He has come!

Ben Nobles
Director of Student Ministries, Denver UMC
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