Friday, December 17, 2021

Psalm 80:1-7
Isaiah 42:10-18
Hebrews 10:32-39
Why doesn’t Jesus just come back already? He could change and correct all the horrific things that are going on in an instant right? Well, “it ain’t always easy being patient…” We then start to think, what’s so bad about doing things ourselves and fighting for the Kingdom on our terms when it seems God isn’t doing His job?
However, the second we think that God isn’t active right now and at work in every moment, is the time we place our hope and trust in false gods or idols. When we think we can fix it, or that political ideology is the complete truth, or this economic system is the way it has to work is when our devotion to the Supreme Creator, Eternal Judge, and Holy Avenger is in question.

Advent is the constant reminder that God has become more than just a “far off” Divine being, but instead a blue collar, “get my hands dirty” God who gets involved in our mess and never stops pursuing each and every piece of His creation for the reconciliation of all things. It’s the reminder that the All Knowing, All Powerful, and All Loving Father chose to save the world by becoming poor and meek, not with guns ablazing slaying the evil enemies.

The season of Advent is a painful, yet extremely hopeful reminder that Christ showed us God’s plan for making all things right, through unconditional love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Why hasn’t Jesus come back already to right the world? Well the answer probably is because He cares for all of us. He’s giving us so much time and chances to repent and place our complete trust and loyalty to Him and Him alone. As 2 Peter 3:9 mentions, we should be glad He hasn’t come back because God doesn’t want ANYONE to perish. Let us take this time to prayerfully confess and repent of placing our trust and faith in ways of this world rather than the way of our King.

Ben Nobles
Director of Student Ministries, Denver UMC
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