FPC Daily Advent Devotional // December 21, 2020
MONDAY, December 21
| JOSHUA 24:19-24 (Click the scripture to read)

Joshua asks the people to make a public declaration of faith, a commitment to serve God and God only. After they do so, Joshua reminds them that they are witnesses “against themselves.” They cannot claim ignorance or deny their affirmation of loyalty to God. When have you made a public commitment to serve God? How will you make that choice evident today?

Gracious God, you abound in steadfast love and yet you hold us accountable to the public witness we make to serve you. When we forget or neglect our affirmation of faith, call us back to you and correct our ways. May our witness against ourselves be a constant reminder that our ultimate loyalty is to you and that commitment is made visible in how we live. Amen.

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