FPC Daily Advent Devotional // December 25, 2020
FRIDAY, December 25 ~ Christmas Day
| LUKE 24:44-49 (Click the scripture to read)
On this the day of Jesus’ birth, we recall that in all times and in all places, he appointed witnesses to tell of his incarnation, his death and resurrection. We who welcome the infant Jesus proclaim the saving work of Christ. As we worship at the manger, prepare us, Lord God, to leave and tell the good news of great joy for all people. Amen.

Emmanuel, God with us, we rejoice at your birth, we offer you our gifts without reservation and we rest for a moment in thanksgiving and peace. As we prepare to be your witnesses, we seek to always live in hope and act courageously in faith knowing that there is nothing not taken up and redeemed through your incarnation. Glory to God in the highest! Jesus Christ is born this day! Amen.
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