Dear Friends,

What a gift to experience the sunshine today. I'm savoring that as I write these words from our dining room table at home. I just saw a few cardinals fluttering in the backyard, tweeting as if today were like any other day. It makes me think of the words of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6, in which he warns his disciples against anxiety. "Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them."
Jesus wasn't living through a global pandemic of COVID-19 when he said those words, but life was not hunky-dory, either. The disciples had plenty to worry about - about their families, their livelihoods, religious corruption, the Roman occupation. Yet Jesus encourages them to focus on what they could control, to trust the goodness of God's provision and to strive first for "the kingdom of God and its righteousness." I'm praying these words for all of us today, that we would rest in God's provision, focus on loving our neighbors and being good stewards, and take a lesson from the resiliency and beauty of God's creation.
A few announcements and links in today's "daily bread" before we share our video below:  
  • The Session has decided to suspend in-person worship and gatherings at the church building through April 30. We have also decided to end posted office hours at this time but encourage you to reach out to our staff anytime (We are all working remotely right now.) We will continue to meet virtually as committees, Session, Deacons, Bible studies, etc., and send out updates as needed. Please be in prayer for our church leadership as they are faithfully serving our congregation in this very difficult time.
  • Here's a link to a moving rendition of Beethoven's 9th Symphony from members of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra - they put it together from their homes while self-isolating and edited it all together. Enjoy!
  • Another submission from a church member: scroll down to the bottom of this email an image with several "hymnal handwashing hits" you can sing while washing your hands in these days.
Now, here is today's "daily bread' video from me.

Jeff Lehn,
Jeff Lehn, "Daily Bread" Reflection - March 25, 2020

Here's a link to the poem, "Lockdown," by Irish Franciscan brother Richard Hendrick, that I read in the video above in case you'd like to print it out. Hang in there, friends. God is with us. Please reach out to your fellow church members, your neighbors and friends. Let us know if you need anything! You are loved and never alone.
With gratitude and hope in Christ,
Pastor Jeff (on behalf of staff and Session of fpcw)

Please click  this link and take a moment to add what is on your heart. And then lift up some of the "small wins" and "struggles" you see. This is another faithful way to stay connected even as we are physically separate from one another.

If you need to reach out to a staff member please do so.
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