Jan 19, 2021
The Texas housing market boom is expected to continue this year despite high unemployment and the pandemic's ongoing drag on the economy. Texas A&M's Real Estate Center projects single-family home sales will increase by 8.4% compared to last year. Economist Luis Torres says that's on top of a nearly 10-percent jump in sales activity in 2020. "Recovery means when you're back to pre-recession levels. In this case, back to pre-COVID levels and we did that last year and last year we started to expand. The housing market is in expansion mode.” Torres says his projections are based, in part, on sustaining low mortgage interest rates and widespread COVID-19 vaccinations.

Source: KACU
The economy had a wild ride in 2020. It is worth a look back at a year that will certainly be one for the economic history books.

What happened? It is easy to forget that the economy was in good shape at the beginning of 2020. The labor market had added 214,000 jobs in January and 251,000 in February. Had it not been for the COVID-19 virus, the economy would have continued to grow.

Once COVID-19 hit our shores though, it sent the economy into a tailspin from which it has yet to fully recover. The virus forced us into “The Great Pause” from mid-March until June.

From tracking at near 2% growth in late March, the economy dropped rapidly. In March and April, more than 22.1 million Americans lost their jobs. Just two weeks of suspended economic activity (from mid-March to the end of the month) was enough to cause the economy to contract by 5% in the first quarter. The continuation of that suspension in April, May, and into June caused the economy to contract more than 31% in the second quarter.
But the economy roared back in a big way by a combination of lower virus case rates, the end of government-mandated closures, and the willingness of people to resume more of their normal routine. It grew more than 33% in the third quarter, which is a testament to the incredible resiliency of the U.S. economy.

An uneven recovery: Some industries have more than recovered, especially those whose products are more in demand during a pandemic. Others that cannot operate fully, or at all, in a socially distanced manner. This split-recovery has become known as the “K-shaped” recovery.

Looking ahead: Keep in mind the outlook for 2021 is strong because the pandemic will end this year. Vaccines will drive down cases and allow those business at the bottom of the “K” to finally begin to recover.

Read my full piece with more charts at Above the Fold.

—Curtis Dubay, Senior Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
The Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District (ATCPHD) is an approved COVID-19 vaccine provider. Supply is currently limited and vaccine administration is based on state guidance which can be found on the Department of State Health Services website.

The waitlist is available for all individuals, regardless of county of residence, as long as they meet 1A or 1B criteria.

Phase 1A Organizations:
  • Direct Care: Hospital, Long-Term Care, EMS 9-1-1, Home Health, Outpatient, ER/Urgent Care, Pharmacies, Last Responders, School Nurses
  • Long-Term Care: Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities
Phase 1B criteria:
  • You are 65 years of age and older 
  • You are 16 years* and older and have a medical condition which places you at higher risk.
  • *Moderna CANNOT be given to anyone under the age of 18.

If you or someone who know needs access to the form, please help ATCPHD spread the word by sending them the form here.
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