Devotion for Saturday, April 25
The darkness is passing away
And the true light is already shining.
(1 John 1:8)
A while back - when this situation with the Coronavirus was in the early stages, I was talking with a dear friend about having to distance ourselves from family and friends. We were saying that it was going to be difficult and I (in my great wisdom) said, "This,too, shall pass." (I know, I amaze myself sometimes!). She then shared something that someone said to her, and hers really was smart. She said, "It came to pass...not to stay!" Don't you love that!!!
If thinking positively and trying to clear your head fail to provide a measure of relief, then remember this: whatever difficulty you're facing today has only "come to pass". You know how Scripture often reads, "And it came to pass....". That's what I'm talking about. Whatever your burden at the moment, you can be sure that it, too, will pass. One day, it will be no more!
One day we will be able to gather to worship together in our beautiful Sanctuary, we will be able to share a meal with our families and we will be able to go and come whenever we want.
The word pass is defined as "to proceed; to go away; to depart." Whatever burden you're facing at the moment will depart. It's just a matter of time. It came to pass, and it will pass. But it's between those two words - came and pass - that we need to look for the good, isn't it?
When we accept the inevitability of trials and suffering and the idea of living fully wherever we are and whatever we're doing - it is then that a great part of the battle has already been won. And this battle has been won by someone much stronger and braver that we are. It has been won by our Heavenly Father. We just have to trust in Him!
Let us pray: Dear God, thank You for being with us between the "came and pass" of every situation. We know that without You we can do nothing. But through You we can do all things. Amen.
                                                                     Pastor Ruth
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