Devotion for Thursday, July 11 
When the righteous see God in action they'll laugh,
they'll sing, they'll laugh and sing for joy.
Psalm 68:3 MSG
I read a devotion the other day that I really like. So, I thought I'd share it with you. It is written by Patsy Clairmont, one of my favorite Women of Faith speakers. I hope you like it as much as I do.
* * * * *
Patsy says:
"According to some joyologists (uh-huh, joyologists - those given to the promotion of joy), you can lose weight if you guffaw daily. So does this mean we can titter till our tummies tuck? Or better yet, chortle till the cellulite runs smooth? I'm afraid I'd have to be permanently hysterical to accomplish that task.
Can't you see it now? A world emphasis on belly laughing, with people lining up single file around the block, waiting to slip into a joy booth so they can laugh off lunch. Or employers offering health incentives for workers who snicker heartily. Have you ever wondered why God designed us with the ability to laugh and cry? I guess He knew we would need to do both as a way to pour off emotional excess; otherwise, we might blow a gasket.
I've heard it said that hearty laughter sends fresh shipments of oxygen to the brain, which causes it to loosen up. Hmm, if it can loosen up my brain, then maybe, just maybe, the joyologists are right, and it could loosen up my jeans. That would be great. Then I wouldn't have to unsnap them to eat, sit, travel, and breathe. I'd much rather chuckle myself fit than deny myself indulgences, but I have this nagging feeling I may need to do both."
* * * * *
Wouldn't it be wonderful if laughing could solve our weight problems? As much as I like the concept, I'm sure that Patsy would agree that it's probably not going to happen. I'm probably still going to have to avoid the chocolate covered cherries if I want to get rid of a few pounds. But I do believe that laughter is good medicine. The Bible tells us that God wants us to enjoy our lives and we can't do that if we are constantly in a state of fear and panic over things that we can't control. So, during uncertain times, let's just do our best and let God handle the rest.
Let us pray: Gracious God, Thank you for the gift of laughter, and thank You for always being with us even during times when we can't seem to find anything to laugh about. Help us to never lose our joy! Amen.
                                                                                      Pastor Ruth
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