As Pastor Ruth mentions below, why not take some time today to phone or text a friend or two? Let's stay in touch and let's be the voice of Christ to someone else who's feeling alone during this time of social distancing.  
          Tomorrow I'll again be sending a prayer and a copy of a sermon I'm preparing. We've been working very hard (thanks especially to Rich Prim, our resident "techie") to be able to live stream worship services. Since it appears that in-person worship is still not going to be advisable for next Sunday, we hope to live stream our service on March 29.   Keep praying!  
                                                                    Pastor Janice

Daily Devotion for Saturday, March 21
          My daughter, Patricia, a middle school music teacher has created an interesting activity for her choirs. Each choir period the kids come in the room and make a circle on the music carpet in the classroom. Each student has the option of sharing a joy, a concern, or of just giving a thumbs-up if they don't feel like talking that day. Each one gets a turn. Patricia usually starts the share, but sometimes a student has something very pressing to share and so they will start. They all know that they are to listen and not comment so that everyone gets their turn. Kids share everything from worrying about a test next period to being excited that they are getting a puppy to being concerned about their mom because she just wasn't having a good day. Over time the kids have coined the term "Joycern" - something they are happy about, but it may be laced with a bit of concern or maybe the other way around. Some of the Joycerns have been: "I'm excited about my birthday party, but I'm concerned that my best friend won't be able to come because she is sick."
          The kids love this activity so much and they will all tell you that it's the best part of the rehearsal. This is a way to form that special emotional bond with them and Patricia believes that this is super important, especially in choir, where she is constantly asking them to be expressive and show emotion through the music.
          So, during this time of isolation - when we can't physically be with our family and friends, and our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, maybe we could connect with each other by telephone, text or Facebook with some Joycerns. We don't want to withdraw from each other completely. We can share our thoughts and feelings and we can pray for one another. The St. John's prayer list is included with our daily devotions for you to use in your daily prayer time.
          Guys, we are a family. And families care about each other - or at least they should. And remember - you don't always have to be sharing concerns. Share joys as well...laugh with your friends. Even though we are going through a rough stretch right now, we are blessed beyond measure. Be thankful for all of the blessings our Heavenly Father has given us.
          Yes, this virus is super contagious, but so is laughter, joy and gratitude! Let's keep in mind that we are children of the Creator of the Universe and He is in control.
          Let's be salt and light. - Let's spread joy and be a light for all to see!
Let us pray: Gracious Heavenly Father, we thank you for watching over us every day. Thank you for your love, your peace and your joy! May we always be ready to share that love, peace and joy with everyone. Amen.

                                                                   Pastor Ruth
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