Devotion for Friday, May 29

Genesis 1 and 2

When you ask someone what they are doing during this stay at home order I thought some answers I would get are:
  • Catching up on sleep
  • Playing video games
  • Being bored out of my gourd
  • Having more family time (FABULOUS)
But that wasn't the case from an answer I received from two friends and it was not something I was prepared. In fact, it blew my mind when they had told me they started a Bible study on the WHOLE BIBLE! Just the two of them. I have known them since they were pretty young and it hit me in a way I wasn't expecting, a good way, that this is what they chose to do.

But it didn't stop there; they had questions, for me! After they had read and discussed Genesis, Chapter 1, the question was asked as to who were the humans that God created in Chapter 1 if Adam and Eve were not until Chapter 2? I was at a loss for words. I had no idea what they were talking about until they showed it to me. I had no clue! How could this have happened? How did I not have an answer for them? So I began hitting the books and Googling.

Granted this was not an easy undertaking and it did take me a while to read from many different websites. The bottom line that was found was this; Genesis was not written in chapter form, there were scholars who had broken the Bible text into chapters so that it may be easier for us to find what we are looking for. The first chapter is focusing on what God had done; He created the universe out of nothing and tells us how He arranged the earth for habitation. Chapter Two is written in detail of all the events of Day 6 and the finishing of Creation, He formed man and woman to tend to the earth. That was not as easy as I thought it would have been but look at who we are reading about. So many interpretations and so many different Bibles to read from.

What have you been doing during our stay at home orders? I know a lot of us have been trying to stay positive and keeping the faith. It is amazing what one question can do. The more you look for answers about the Bible, the more they present themselves when you dig deeper.

Thank you, David, and Emily, for helping me to dig deeper, something that I had not been able to do in a long time!

David Bigam,
Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Creator of all things, we pray for healing of this earth that you have so graciously made and prepared for us to live. Help us to learn to dig deeper and find answers that we so desperately need in these and all times. Amen.

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