Devotion for Saturday, May 30

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us,
so that through endurance and encouragement of the
Scriptures we might have hope.
Romans 15:4
It's been a long time since I've ridden a bike, but I don't think it would take me long at all to remember how. If I were to just hop on a bike, it would probably all come back to me. At least everyone says it would - you know what they say, "It's just like riding a bike."
Physiologists tell us that this is because of muscle memory. They tell us that our muscles learn just like our minds do. We don't forget how to ride a bike physically, because our muscles remember. We train our bodies and our bodies hold that training, just like when you study for a test and your mind remembers the information.
And, there is such a thing as emotional memory. Things that have happened in the past - good and bad - remain in our emotional memory. And, guys we all have the ability to train our emotional memory to keep hoping, so that, just like riding a bike, we never forget how.
In the Old Testament God was always calling his people to remember. He would say, "Look back at the past. When you were staring at a wall of water in front of you and an army behind you, do you remember what happened? When you were in the wilderness with nothing to eat, do you remember who fed you? Remember! Look back and remember how I have always provided for you."
Where has God met you before when you thought you were alone? How has He been faithful to you when you were lost? When can you remember the comfort you needed appearing just when you needed it most? Stop trying to muster up hope for what's ahead, when you can look back and be reassured. You won't fear the future as much when you recognize and acknowledge His faithfulness in the past.
If God has come through for you in the past, and it's pretty safe to say He has, then the memory will still be there. Let that memory increase your hope. Let it whisper in your ear that this time is just like the last time when God came through, and you can trust Him. Let Him remind you that He will be faithful once again, because He is God! Just trust!
Because you haven't exercised your "hope muscles" in a while or trusted recently doesn't mean you don't know how. Just because recent events may have caused your hope muscles to get out of shape, you haven't forgotten how! Just remember how your Father has been there for you in the past and jump on that bike. It will all come back to you!
Let us pray: Father, when we're afraid, give us the wisdom to look back instead of looking at everything going on around us. Help us to see Your faithfulness so clearly in the past that we will have confidence in Your presence through whatever is happening now. Amen.
                                                              Pastor Ruth
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