JUNE 23, 2020

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In the book of Hebrews, the writer emphasizes the difference between works and grace. The Jews had their law and were bound by it. It was what they lived by. In chapter 1 the writer let’s the “Hebrews” know that in times past God spoke through the prophets to the “fathers.” This was how they learned how to live. Now something new is on the scene. He let’s them know that God in the present days speaks through Jesus Christ. It was all new to them. He establishes salvation based upon grace. 
In many parts of Hebrews, the writer speaks of resting in the finished works. How easy it is to say rest when they had always done “works” to receive approval. Grace was something new. You can’t earn it. You can only receive it. 
In chapter 6 he talks about these dead works and compares this to grace. He states that you can’t have it both ways. If you give up grace for works, there is no salvation. Then the writer in vs. 6:12 tells them that “….through faith and patience inherit the promises.”  It is one thing to have faith to believe, but it is another to have patience until we receive. Faith started with their “father Abraham”, and was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
How often do we have faith for something, but lack the patience needed to bring that faith into substance? Faith takes patience, and patience takes faith. We can have strong faith but have no patience, and we can void the promise. Likewise, we can have patience with no faith, and the promise will never materialize. These two “twins” work together.
Are you struggling with the “twins?” You aren’t alone. James tells us that patience comes through tribulation. Don’t ever ask for patience my friends because tribulation will come to see if you have learned patience. A good definition of faith and patience would be just believing God until it materializes. Don’t rush it, and don’t give up. God’s timing is always perfect, even when we don’t see things happening.

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Ahab, king of the northern kingdom of Israel, was evil as was also his wife, the very controlling Jezebel. Just as David was judged for his sin of shedding the innocent blood of Bathsheba’s husband, so Ahab was also guilty of shedding Naboth’s innocent blood (via Jezebel’s scheme) so that he could take Naboth’s land.
Just as the prophet Nathan was sent by God to pronounce judgement to David, so the prophet Micaiah pronounced Ahab’s judgement of a bloody death. (I Kings 21:17-24)
Ahab was determined to fight the king of Syria to take Ramoth-Gilead. Judah’s king, the godly Jehoshaphat, agreed to fight with him. Ahab called all of his prophets to inquire of them whether the battle would go in his favor. Over 400 prophets (probably of Báal) all predicted success for Ahab. Jehoshaphat was not satisfied. He asked if there was a prophet of Jehovah of whom they could inquire. (I Kings 22) Ahab sent for Micaiah who was instructed by Ahab’s advisors to speak well as had the hundreds of other prophets. Micaiah followed that advice, but the king knew the prophet was not speaking a true word from Jehovah and admonished him to speak the truth. Micaiah then delivered the true word from the LORD, which showed defeat. The false prophet Zedekiah challenged Micaiah and smote him. Ahab commanded his advisors to take Micaiah to prison and give him the “bread and water of affliction” until Ahab returned in victory. I Kings 22:20-23 tells us that the Lord had put a lying spirit in the mouth of Ahab’s 400 prophets so that the Lord’s judgement could be carried out. Notice here that not all prophets speak the true word of the Lord.
We are presently experiencing judgement throughout the land. I expect it will only get worse in the absence of national (or world-wide) repentance. Yet, there are many “prophets” speaking of a great revival about to come. Many of these speak only “good words” that people like to hear, just like Ahab’s many prophets were speaking to him. Nobody wishes to hear words of warning or exhortations or a call to repentance. They flock to the ones who decree pleasing words. 
How do you distinguish between the true and the false? First of all, study what the Bible says about our “end times.” Next, diligently inquire of Holy Spirit to help you discern the “word” and the “times.” Listen to that “still small voice” (I Kings 19:12) that tugs at your inner spirit.
Be very cautious about listening to today’s “prophets.” Do not automatically accept what they say until you check out the bible’s word and pray about it. It might sound good or it might not sound good; how it sounds to you is not the important thing.
Does the prophet’s word “witness” with your spirit (the still small voice)? Does it line up with the written Word? If “yes,” then hold it in your heart until you see it come to pass. If “no,” then let it go and don’t hold on to it.

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  • Families of Quaker Oats former Models for Aunt Jemima says it is our history- and oppose the change

  • Contact your Representative now and tell him to vote against House bill 6666 if passed will allow testing for Covid19 virus in homes. Tell your representative you want him to vote against it! There are many false positive tests coming up, and this is a violation of our freedom. It could mean losing your children if you are tested and test positive. Your children would be removed.

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When does the Jewish day begin?
6 a.m.
6 p.m.
12:00 p.m.
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Bible Question :Who is reserved in everlasting chains under darkness until judgement day?

The correct answer is: fallen angels

33.3% answered correctly with fallen angels . Good job! Right on 🎯
66.7% answered Satan. Sorry not right. He is still loose and on the move


A false witness shall not be unpunished; and he that speaketh lies shall not escape

Proverbs 19:5 KJV
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I have some good news; The trials and the struggles you’ve been experiencing are a sign that you have not yet been conquered. Oh sure, you may be out for a moment...But you are NOT down for the count. So get yourself up and know that the struggles of those trials may have lasted for the night; But the joy of them being gone comes in the morning. (Psalms 30:5) Now come on and get your praise on; For it’s getting up and coming out time for you.

IF YOU OWN A MOBILE PHONE, its every move is logged and tracked by dozens of companies.
No one is beyond the reach of this constant digital surveillance.
Not even the president of the United States.

The Times Privacy Project obtained a dataset with more than 50 billion location pings from the phones of more than 12 million people in this country. It was a random sample from 2016 and 2017, but it took only minutes — with assistance from publicly available information — for us to deanonymize location data and track the whereabouts of President Trump.

A single dot appeared on the screen, representing the precise location of someone in President Trump’s entourage at 7:10 a.m. It lingered around the grounds of the president’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., where the president was staying, for about an hour. The dot traveled to the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, about 30 minutes north of the hotel, pinging again at 9:24 a.m. just outside the compound. The president was there to play golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. There the dot stayed until at least 1:12 p.m., when it moved to the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, where the world leaders enjoyed a private lunch.

YOUR SMARTPHONE is one of the world’s most advanced surveillance tools. This week, Times Opinion is reporting on a huge trove of location data showing the precise location movements for millions of Americans.

Once your location is shared with the companies, there’s no way to delete that information or get it back. Your best bet is to avoid sharing your location in the first place — at least until the government bestirs itself to begin regulating how that information is collected, used and sold.

1.          Stop sharing your location with apps
The most important thing you can do now is to disable location sharing for apps already on your phone. (Don’t worry, your phone will automatically send its location to emergency responders if you dial 911.) It’s easy to do this without having to open each app.
To turn off location sharing, go to
Location Services.
You can choose when to share your location for each app.
You can also prevent your phone from sharing your location in the background.
To do so, go to
+Background App Refresh
This will not affect your ability to receive push notifications.
Many apps that request your location, like weather, coupon or local news apps, often work just fine without it.
There’s no reason a weather app, for instance, needs your precise, second-by-second location to provide forecasts for your city.
Apple has recently made it harder for companies to snoop on your whereabouts via backdoor methods like checking for nearby Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.
Make sure your phone’s operating system is updated to benefit from these safeguards.

2.         Disable your mobile ad ID
Your online activity is often tied together and tracked using your mobile advertising ID, which is a unique number created by your phone and sent to advertisers and app makers.
Since location data is sent along with your ad ID, it can be tied to other data about you.
You can disable this feature entirely in your privacy settings, limiting the ways companies can tie your activities together.
Go to :
and TURN ON “Limit Ad Tracking.”

3.        Prevent Google from storing your location
If you have a Google account, the company may already have saved a trove of location data tied to your devices. You can prevent Google from collecting this information by going to your account’s location activity controls and turning off location sharing.

4.        Understand location tracking is hard to avoid.
You can do only so much. Location vendors are engaged in a race to find new ways to ferret out your devices, regardless of whether you followed the steps above. Some will try to identify you using your device type, I.P. address, screen size and even volume and screen brightness, in a process called “fingerprinting.”
Your mobile carrier also collects location pings while your phone is turned on, regardless of whether you followed the steps above. Telecom companies were recently caught selling that data to companies that then resold it to bounty hunters, who used it to find phones in real time. The telecom companies have since pledged to stop selling the data, but they still collect it.
Interested in doing more to keep your location to yourself? Try the Privacy Pro SmartVPN app, which allows users to monitor apps and block them from additional forms of data sharing.
Real protections will come only if federal laws are passed to limit what companies can do with the data they collect. Until then, no matter what settings we choose, we’re all at risk.
Correction: Jan. 13, 2020
An earlier version of this article included a technique for preventing location sharing on smartphones in error.
Location sharing will continue even if the user turns off Background App Refresh.

Stuart A. Thompson (stuart.thompson@nytimes.com) is a writer and editor in the Opinion section.
Gus Wezerek (gustav.wezerek@nytimes.com) is a graphics editor for Opinion.
Like other media companies, The New York Times collects data on its visitors when they read stories like this one.
For more detail please see our privacy policy and our publisher's description of The Times's practices and continued steps to increase transparency and protections.

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