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Richard's Daily Meditations

Richard Rohr teaching at the CAC-sponsored conference Inner Room, Summer 2008  


Orthopraxy in much of Buddhism and Hinduism

Orthopraxy is usually distinguished from orthodoxy. Orthodoxy refers to doctrinal correctness, whereas orthopraxy refers to right practice. What we see in many of the Eastern religions is not an emphasis upon verbal orthodoxy, but instead upon practices and lifestyles that, if you do them (not think about them, but do them), end up changing your consciousness.

This was summed up in the Eighth Core Principle of the Center for Action and Contemplation: We don’t think ourselves into a new way of living; we live ourselves into a new way of thinking. I hope that can be a central building block of the Living School.

~ Richard Rohr, 2012
Adapted from Fr. Richard’s teachings on his lineage.


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(Conspire: from Latin conspirare, ‘to breathe together’)

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