St. Francis of Assisi painting by Sr. Nancy Earle

Painting by Sr. Nancy Earle

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Seven Underlying Themes
of Richard Rohr’s Teachings

Third Theme: There is only one Reality. Any distinction between natural and supernatural, sacred and profane, is a bogus one (Frame).

The Franciscan Recovery
of the Gospel

Meditation 43 of 49

St. Bonaventure, building on the Incarnation of God in Jesus and Francis’ love of all nature, saw the “traces” or “footprints” of God in everything. The whole world was also the “incarnation” of the God mystery, and indeed the very “Body of God” (Romans 8:19-22). Jesus is the microcosm of the macrocosm, the hologram of the whole, the corporate personality for humanity—in other words, the stand-in for everything and everyone else (see Colossians 1:15-20).

“The journey of the soul into God,” as Bonaventure put it, was to learn how to see the unity of all being, how to look for this partially hidden God, and how to honor those footprints everywhere once you could see them. It was surrender to gratitude—and also to immense confidence that you were a part of something very good.

The result was a continuous life of appreciation and reverence, non-consumption, and simple joy—while still living a very busy life in the world! These were the hallmarks of Franciscan spirituality.

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