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Richard's Daily Meditations

Jonah and the Whale. Illustration by Louis Rhead (1857-1926).  


All of Jesus’ guidance for ministry, his seeming “tips for the road,” are very concrete and interpersonal. They are all about putting people in touch with specific people, and especially with people’s pain. Person-to-person is the way the Gospel was originally communicated. Person-in-love-with-person, person-respecting-person, person-forgiving-person, person-touching-person, person-crying-with-person, person-hugging-person, person-hurting-person: that’s where the Divine Presence is so beautifully revealed.

And from the concrete and personal it universalizes! What is true here and now is true everywhere and always.

Adapted from The Good News According to Luke:
Spiritual Reflections, pp. 141, 110

Teach me to be humble and live simply.