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The clarification and rediscovery of what I am going to call the True Self lays a solid foundation—and a clear initial goal—for all religion. You cannot build any serious spiritual house if you do not first find something solid and foundational to build on—inside yourself. “Like knows like” is the principle. God-in-you already knows, loves, and serves God in everything else. All you can do is fully jump on board.

I would call that jump consciousness, and I believe the Risen Christ is the icon of full consciousness. In the human mind of Christ, every part of creation knows itself as (1) divinely conceived, (2) beloved of God, (3) crucified, and (4) finally reborn. He carries us across with him, assures us it is okay, and thus models the full journey and final direction of consciousness. That is my major thesis about how Jesus “saves us.”

Excerpted from Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self, p. xii
(Available only through the CAC bookstore in time for Christmas)

Lord, help me find and live from my True Self.