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Richard's Daily Meditations

Tree Clouds by © Shirin McArthur  


In addition to freeing us from religious and personal idolatries, the proclamation of the kingdom of God also frees us from social idolatries. We can’t keep saying “Thy kingdom come” when we are actually trusting in our own nations, political parties, militaries, banks, and institutions to save us. On some level, they have to be relativized too if the Big Kingdom is ever going to come, which is why Pope John Paul II so often spoke of “structural sin” and “institutional evil.” We might “use” the systems of this world, I hope wisely, but we should never bow down to them or “believe” in them as able in themselves to accomplish God’s reign. We only believe in God, and not in countries, armies, political parties, or even churches to bring about the kingdom.

“Come, Lord Jesus” means we do not spend too much time trusting that other “Lordships” will ever finally or fully save us.

Adapted from Preparing for Christmas with Richard Rohr, p. 14

Starter Prayer: Come, Lord Jesus.