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Richard's Daily Meditations

Mother and Child, Juarez, Mexico (detail). Courtesy CAC Archives.  


The twentieth century will be known for the emergence of the feminine mind into the mainstream. Before this time the feminine mind had never been in the mainstream of most cultures and religions, but was invariably demeaned or dismissed as inferior. However, in many of the erotic writings of the saints and mystics, and in Jesus’ life, where he lived in a male body but with a beautifully feminine soul, we do find some fine ways to appreciate and love the feminine face of God.

Lady Julian of Norwich, my favorite mystic, calls Jesus “our Mother.” She says, “Jesus is our true mother in Whom we are endlessly carried and out of Whom we will never come.” For many Christians Mary became the archetypal image of the maternal face of God. It was the only way they could break through, especially if they never had a good man in their life. Many Catholics, especially in macho cultures, actually loved Mary much more than Jesus, or God “the Father,” or the neutered Holy Spirit. It was bad theology, but predictable and brilliant psychology.

Adapted from The Maternal Face of God
(available in On Transformation: Collected Talks, Volume 1 (CD))

Oh God, show me your Your face.