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Richard's Daily Meditations

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As Lent approaches I am inviting you to look at Scripture in a new way. If you are using my book Wondrous Encounters, you will find many Scripture readings for this season of Lent. If you are not familiar with the term Lent, it is the forty-day period preceding Easter, which mimics Jesus’ forty days in the desert. It is usually considered a time of conversion and penance. Using the scripture readings of this season, I would like to teach people how to use scripture. How can we put the Old Testament or Hebrew scriptures together with the Christian scriptures? I do not want to just share information or data or facts about Jesus, or history of the Hebrews, but in fact I want to help you experience an encounter between the soul and God.

I am going to repeat a phrase three times because I don’t want it to just be a throwaway phrase. I want to lay a foundation with this mantra because I think this is why good theology, good scripture, and a good approach to scripture and to spirituality are so crucially important. The phrase is:

Your image of God creates you.
Your image of God creates you.
Your image of God creates you.

From A Teaching on Wondrous Encounters (webcast) (CD/DVD/MP3)

My image of God creates me.