We invite you to join us for a year full of Blessisms and our new campaign Mindful Blessings from A to Zen. They will help you transform life's painful lessons into Blessisms!

Even in the darkest of times, there is the potential for great joy. The ongoing pandemic has caused nearly 2 years of collective trauma. Many of us are profoundly tense and at a breaking point. Our program of Mindful Blessings is specifically designed to help the world heal from this ongoing collective trauma and pain and, in fact, this is our way of giving back in a time when we believe the world needs it the most.

We would like to challenge you to commit to 365 Days of Blessisms this year rather than make resolutions that may be short-lived. We believe that each of us can heal the world, by first healing our own trauma and pain. Won’t you join us this year in committing to a year full of mindful blessings?

365 days can make a massive difference! That is where Mindful Blessisms come into play.
Blessisms challenge you to express gratitude and bless the difficult circumstances in life, as opposed to focusing on, complaining about, or wallowing in the negativity.

Blessisms are a 180-degree mindset shift where you strive to find the blessings within life's challenges, pains, and difficulties. Instead of complaining or feeling aggravated, irritated, or frustrated, Blessisms allow you to give thanks for or find gratitude within the negative occurrences in life. It just might be the mindset shift you need to start moving forward, instead of feeling stuck. Are you ready? Join us for this transformative Year of Blessisms!

In other words, instead of feeling anxious, irritated, or bothered when bad things happen, Blessisms challenge you to find the blessing within the life lesson or pain, which transforms them into Blessisms. That’s the idea behind Blessisms, which are a form of Mindful Acceptance.

If you’ve never practiced this concept, you may be quite surprised at how quickly things start to turn around for you once you start focusing on the Blessism within the life lesson. Blessisms also allow you to practice both gratitude and forgiveness, as you learn how to move through difficult circumstances instead of trying to avoid them.

This is sort of like taking a journey of opposition. Instead of getting aggravated or feeling anxious when it comes to those things in life that may be holding you back, you can choose to praise those things instead. Of course, this is easier said than done, but even simply acknowledging this fact can be helpful in pointing out some blind spots.

Life is rich and complex. We need more than one set of skills to live well and flourish. Sometimes we need to accept things, and at other times we need to change them, and often there is no easy way to tell the difference.

We have developed a full-year program of Mindful Growth and Creative Activation. Instead of being overwhelmed by a thousand hours of information, courses, or classes, we will walk you through this journey, one beautiful day and one Blessism at a time. Please join with us for this exciting Year Full of Blessisms and 12-months of themed content to help you Sur-Thrive!
Welcome to a Year Full of Blessisms and a Joyful January!
We will be posting a new Mindful Blessism every day of the month and publishing daily and weekly versions of this newsletter. The Daily messages other than the Weekly recap on Saturdays will be much shorter than this one. We invite you to Subscribe to either the daily messages or the Weekly Recaps. This month's theme is Mindful Sur-Thrival and the 7 topics for the first week are listed after the following overview for the entire year of content.
Welcome to a Full Calendar of Daily Blessisms!

We will provide a Blessism for every letter of the alphabet and some extra every month in addition to the basic 26 so each day is covered. This week we will be previewing Blessisms from A to G for Mindful Sur-Thrival:

A.     Blessism to Accept, Align and Awaken * This Blessism will help you start the new year off right as you set the intention to accept, align and awaken to your greatest and highest good.

B.     Blessism for New Beginnings * This Blessism is all about welcoming in new beginnings and learning to accept yourself as well as any challenges or difficulties you have been through so you can start fresh.

C.     Blessism for Contrast * This Blessism will help you bless those times of darkness, so you can more fully appreciate and welcome in times of abundance, happiness, and joy.

D.    Blessism for Disappointments * The start of a new year is the perfect time to bless disappointments and setbacks so you can find the blessing and rise above the challenges.

E.     Blessism for Expectation * This Blessism is perfect for blessing the world around you, and creating a new kind of energy, the energy of expectation!

F.      Blessism for Failure * Learning to bless and embrace failure can help set you on a whole new road to success as you learn to celebrate failure and use it as a source of redirection.

G.    Blessism for Gratitude * This Blessism can help you find the gratitude and appreciation within each life lesson and turn them into blessings so that everything that happens, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ shapes your destiny in a beautiful way.
January 1st Mindful Blessism for Acceptance

Our first Blessism is the Blessism to Accept, Align and Awaken. It's easy to get frustrated when you are struggling. However, these are the times when you need to bless the mess and the struggle even more! Difficult times in life and times of adversity can make us even stronger if we stay the course and bless the mess!
Journal and Meditation Prompt

1. Take a moment after repeating this Blessism to reflect on how it makes you feel.

2.  As you reflect on this intention and sit in the quiet, notice how it feels to send love and appreciation to these people, situations, difficulties, or challenges, instead of feeling anxious or resentful.

3.  Think about some ways you can acknowledge, bless, and accept your present life circumstances, where you are in the moment.

4.  Make a pact with yourself to bless the mess and find the gratitude and joy along life’s crooked path and think about some intentions or blessings you can create to keep yourself grounded in this love and nonattachment as you go through your day.
Coming Soon: This is the first of 13 Mindful Blessisms books we will produce in 2022! We are preparing to publish the collections of Blessisms every month beginning as soon as possible in January. Then at the end of 2022, we will publish a compilation book with all 365 Blessisms.
Thank you for accepting our invitation to let us share with you our 365 Mindful Blessisms. At Planet Blessed our mission is simple: We want to help people go from Planet Stressed to Planet Blessed and from surviving to thriving. We want to help people have hope, and to heal through our programs from our non-profit organizations Planet Blessed and Ultimate YOUniversity.

We invite you to visit us at or our non-profit site to discover how you, your loved ones, any organization you belong to, and your community could be BLESSED by the positive uplifting resources we share. Our PlanetMindfulness YouTube Channel already has 100+ powerful videos. If you are interested in Mindfulness Courses please visit us at for more information!
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Leslie Riopel, MA Psychology
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