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Thursday after Epiphany

Taking the Gospel to Prayer

We have spent the past two days in chapter 6 of Mark's Gospel. Today we jump to chapter 4 of Luke. I think it helps to place this passage in context as the timing is different from where we left off yesterday.

This is the first activity of Jesus after His 40 days of prayer in the desert. He has just battled with the temptations of the devil and begins His mission by traveling around Gallilee. News of His preaching and miracles spreads quickly. He comes back to His hometown. He goes to the synagogue, reads from the scroll, and announces that He is the fulfillment of the prophecy.

The reading ends with the listeners speaking highly of Jesus. You would think that these hometown friends would be supportive of their hometown star. But if you continue in the full story, you see them questioning Jesus and demanding miracles of Him. Ultimately, they chase Him out of town.

For our prayer -- We must be about the work of the Lord. We may never live up to other people's standards or expectations. But, as hard as it might be to take the criticism or live with feelings of failure and disappointment, it really doesn't matter what others think.. Our lives must be about seeking God's will.

Lord help me to keep You as my number one priority so that all that I say and do will be pleasing to You.