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Saturday after Epiphany

Taking the Gospel to Prayer

Today, mentoring and shadowing are common practices in the fields of education and business. Licensing or union membership can still require a period of time spent as an apprentice. We value the principle, yet how many people do you know who want their students to become their teachers, their apprentices to become their bosses?

So it is with John's disciples today. They know that John had testified that Jesus was the One for whom they had been waiting. But as Jesus steps out on His own, John's disciples see Jesus' popularity as a threat to John's ministry. But John makes it clear that Jesus' success was important. John had prepared the way and it was time for Jesus to increase.

This text gives us a chance to look at our own mindset. Everyone has their own gifts. One person's success does not have to point to another person as a failure. Yet that is often the conclusion drawn. We must look at what God is asking of us and if we are doing our best to respond accordingly. At the end of the day, success is having lead people to Him!
We Need a National Examination of Conscience