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Lectio Divina for July
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Today's Scripture

Wednesday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Taking the Gospel to Prayer

Today's parable is a clear message for those who garden, but it is also there for all of us who don't have green thumbs.

Where does the seed of God's Word land in you? Are you a path and non-receptive? Are you rocky soil that gets the easy message but rejects the tough ones? Do you have a thorn-ridden place in your heart that blocks God altogether?

We all desire to be the good soil that produces a plentiful harvest. For consideration in prayer today: What can I do to "fertilize" my soil? Can I spend a few more minutes at prayer? Can I deepen my understanding of the faith through a class or something from Formed.org? Can I become more involved in a charitable or social justice activity?

Lord Jesus, help me to grow closer to You today.

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