In the second lesson for today's Daily Office readings, Paul shows lots of frustration with the church in Galatia. After he left town, some began insisting that Gentile recruits would need to be circumcised and follow other traditional Jewish regulations. You can feel Paul's giant sigh of frustration as he writes. Hadn't he been perfectly clear about the Gospel's equal invitation to all people without pre-requisites?

Even with the best of intentions, change is hard. Our brains have ruts where the thoughts travel, and it is hard to keep thoughts from slipping into old paths. Those reading this no doubt have a wide range of thoughts about current events. Some are plain tired of hearing about them and hope I won't pile on more commentary. Others are eager for their priest to take a stand, preferably agreeing with their own opinion!

All our reactions flow from the ruts in our brains, patterns of thinking formed over a lifetime of experiences and input. People offend and harm one another in part because we are unaware of all the experiences and inputs that are driving our behaviors. In our country and most others, skin color still produces very, very different life experiences and inputs. Saying we will be "color blind" closes our eyes to those differing experiences and blocks progress.

Soon, you will see announcements inviting you to join in a program called Sacred Ground. It affords a safe place to be part of positive change through shared experience. Do it, and you won't regret it. I promise.

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Interim Rector  

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