In the first lesson for today's Daily Office readings we learn of Moses death at the age of 120, right before the people entered the Promised Land. The Israelites paused and wept for 30 days. Our culture does not encourage indulging our grief to this extent. This is unfortunate. Feelings that are not given healthy space for expression tend to wedge their way into our lives in unhealthy ways. Unexpressed grief can manifest itself as anger, paralyzing fatigue, or even confusion.

How do we stay in good balance? The honored saint today is Benedict. He developed a Rule of Life for monastic living that balanced time between prayer, study, labor and sleep. He was not the first to develop a rule of life for achieving balance, but his rule was more comprehensive than any before it.

We can develop our own rules for how we will spend our time and how we will afford healthy ways to express our feelings that keep us rooted in the abiding truths of our faith. Reading these reflections is one habit for grounding your day. Other good options are committing to daily contact with at least one person outside your home who shares your faith and values and reflecting with them about events. The very brief service of Noonday Devotions on the Mission St. Clare Website can also "reset" your thoughts to confidence in God's promises.

As they say about diets, the plan that you can stick with will be the best plan!

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Interim Rector  

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